Friday, February 01, 2008

Alleged Purchase of Classified Documents Sparks Investigation

Recent reports to a U.S. Government official regarding the alleged sale of classified documents, has sparked an investigation into the individuals behind both the solicitation of the buyer, and whether the documents involved are actually authentic government documents.

In early November, Bob Collins, a retired Air Force intelligence officer formerly with the Foreign Technology Division and author of the book Exempt from Disclosure, published a statement in response to questions about an allegedly classified document from his book entitled “Adam and Eve Report”. In his online comments he wrote:

"It wasn't Officially Declassified anymore than other material I have here. No government agency would acknowledge any of it, the same for the DIA docs. I paid Rick for his services so the material belongs to me.....Rmc"

Several sources who were part of the email discussions report that Collins further stated that the “Adam & Eve” information came from Richard C. Doty’s sources in 1999 when they had allegedly received payment from millionaire and philanthropist Joe Firmage in exchange for still-classified documents.

According to the government source familiar with the investigation, Richard Doty told Bob Collins that his sources were LANL (Los Alamos National Laboratory) employees, however would not provide those names. The source indicated that a preliminary investigation revealed that there were no such documents, and there were no reports of any security breach at the National Lab in or around 1999, and there were no such documents related to any past security breaches.

If true, and depending on the nature of, and intended use of this information, this activity could represent a form of espionage. Espionage, in the United States, is classified as "The act of obtaining, delivering, transmitting, communicating, or receiving information about the national defense with an intent, or reason to believe, that the information may be used to the injury of the United States or to the advantage of any foreign nation. Espionage is a violation of 18 United States Code 792-798 and Article 106, Uniform Code of Military Justice[1]."

Several members of the forum and individuals copied on private email exchanges reported these statements to a U.S. Official within the Intelligence community, in a position to investigate.

This official initiated an investigation into these complaints, and conducted preliminary interviews with Richard C. Doty and Robert Collins prior to passing the complaints on to CI (Counter-Intelligence) Staff. It is uncertain at this point whether a formal report has yet been submitted to the Justice Department for further investigation.

In a similar case in 1995, John Douglas Charlton, a retired Lockheed Corporation engineer, was arrested for attempting to sell secret documents removed from the company when he retired. These documents concerned Sea Shadow, a Navy stealth project and the Captor Project related to mines that could release anti-sub torpedoes. According to the espionage indictment, Charlton tried to sell the information to an FBI agent posing as a foreign government representative.

“Hill, an Air Force veteran, was paid $25,000 for files from November 1999 until last week, according to a six-page complaint filed in U.S. District Court in New York. He was arrested Friday in Las Vegas after allegedly faxing classified information drawn from computer files to an FBI informant in New York.”

If the Adam & Eve documents have any sort of classified information, as implied by those who've released them - Rick Doty, or whoever else took part in the financial exchange, can face up to 15 to 20 years in prison and a $500,000 fine if convicted.

If the documents are fake or fabricated - it is likely the investigation will simply be dropped.

Originally submitted November 15th, 2007 -

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Nothing Lasts Forever - Update

The following summary uncovers the motive behind the UFOlogy scam as operated by the Imaginary Intelligence Agency (IIA) outlined in our previously published “Nothing Lasts Forever” article.

“Imaginary Intelligence Agency” is a Fairly Unique Name Designating an Illicit Networking Group, or "FUNDING" for short.

This group of individuals have managed to create an illusion so great and vast in scope that millions of people now believe that Earth is being visited by highly advanced Extra Terrestrial life forms. We are also led to believe that these same highly advanced life forms crashed as soon as they arrived, leaving us with a legacy of reverse engineered anti-gravity drives, zero point energy devices, stealth technology and a concise history of the Universe stored on a hologram.

Why would this group want to create such an illusion in the first place you might ask? There are a large number of possible motives for such an endeavour. Disinformation and Counter Intelligence operations are just two hypotheses that have been cited for many of the strange stories in the public domain. While it is certainly true that various bona fide Intelligence agencies have conducted UFO-related activities of this nature in the past, one has to look elsewhere for the real reason this particular so-called “Core Story” continues to constantly re-emerge with newer and stranger additions.

As with nearly all such stories that end up being nothing more than faked tales of fiction, the common denominator linking them all together is financial gain – and that is no different in this case. We are not talking about book sales or the lecture circuit. The financial gain referred to here goes much deeper and involves many wealthy individuals who have been manipulated to part with staggeringly vast amounts of their money in order to fund “investigation and research” into those fringe areas of science which have greatly benefitted from - and in some cases depend upon - the very existence of those fictional crashed flying saucer stories in the first place.

Our -almost finished- report will name the people behind this long running scam and show in great detail how easily they managed to hoodwink the entire UFO community so successfully and for so long.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Scammers Inc

You may have noticed the main site went missing over the weekend. Fortunately, the site itself is now back online but the RU Forum is still unavailable. You may think this was due to technical difficulties or server issues, but you would be wrong.

You may also know there are certain individuals out there who do not like REALITY uncovered very much. They don't like the fact that we regularly expose them for the hoaxers and conmen that they are, nor that we are close to bringing down the curtain on the man who has sat comfortably behind it all of these years.

You may also know that we regularly inform our growing membership of all major updates as soon as they are published. It is part of the service we provide and the email only goes to those who have registered at the forum. Some of the more dubious behind-the-scenes characters have registered at the forum and used it in the past to promote their own agendas, or in some cases to try and defend themselves from the various accusations that have been levied against them. Usually they have failed to do so and left with their tails between their legs. Quite right too.

This past week, we sent out a couple of emails to our members. One informing them about a conversation with one of the people behind the nonsense (Rick Doty) and the other an update regarding Kit Green. What one of the more dubious characters have done (not Green or Doty) is file a complaint of "spamming" to our webhost. Normally that wouldn't be a problem. We would be contacted and informed of the complaint and everything would be explained. Like I mentioned previously, the only emails we send out "en masse" are to the RU membership - those dubious characters included...

Like I said, normally this wouldn't be a problem. It becomes a problem however, when the only people available at the host are some junior grade technical types who don't really have a clue what they are doing and act on impulse - with disastrous consequences. They suspended the account, which has now thankfully been reinstated as of this morning, but as a result of this there is still a problem bringing the forum back online. Hopefully, by the time you read this that will be resolved.

We don't need anymore evidence to show that these people - i.e. Scammers Inc. - are a bunch of lowlife, arrogant, manipulative pieces of scum, but this episode simply reinforces that sentiment.
We have a very good idea exactly who it was that made the complaint. Not to worry though, vengeance will be oh so sweet.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Nothing Lasts Forever

We’ve all heard of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA), along with a myriad of other, acronym rich organisations tasked mostly with the job of keeping tabs on the bad guys.

I think it’s a safe bet to assume that none of you have ever heard of the “Imaginary Intelligence Agency”.

The IIA are so secretive, and so adept at maintaining that secrecy, that not even the operatives and field agents under its command know of its existence! This particular agency is run, like all others, on a strictly need-to-know basis, with the IIA’s “Director” deciding only he has that right to know. It may sound like a strange setup, but the agency has been running operations successfully for over three decades now – all completely undetected.

The unwitting agents of the IIA are collectively responsible for completely changing the face of modern UFOlogy. A central meme exists today that has absolutely no basis in reality, yet is accepted as fact by millions around the world. The director of the IIA has successfully hoodwinked not only the average person in the street, but he has also conned those agents working for him into thinking they are carrying out highly important and officially sanctioned work.

Our impending report will, amongst other things;

  • Name the man behind the curtain
  • Conclusively show how the deception was achieved and maintained
  • Explain the purpose of the central meme
  • Name the fictional support stories
  • Provide a list of agent’s names
We already know what to expect from those that do not want to see the truth revealed. It started a week ago and is beginning to gather a small head of steam. So expect to see many ludicrous and untrue statements about us made in the coming days. Anyone in their right mind will see that exactly for what it is. Distraction.

Full report to follow.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Enemy of the State?

Wonderful, yet more nonsense has been released by those "mysterious" folk in the DIA, Believe that and you will also believe those "Drone" pictures doing the rounds are genuine too...

The latest batch of Serpo releases come prefaced with the following information:

Victor Martinez wrote:
"The Gate 3 Incident" is a subject that originally came up in December 2005 when I was in regular communication with ANONYMOUS of the "Project SERPO" disclosures.

Because someone let the "genie out of the bottle" (Paul McGovern?), I have now been given permission to release the following still CLASSIFIED information.

Isn't that a perfect example of an oxymoron?

Does Victor have any idea what the penalties are for releasing classified material into the public domain? I guess not! Good job this is all only "E-N-T-E-R-T-A-I-N-M-E-N-T", if any of this stuff were genuine his ass would have been hauled off to jail long before he even had the chance to post it.

Incidentally, isn't it amazing how the dead can continue to post emails and engage in online discussions?

There was also this little nugget:

- BEGIN - ------------------------------------------
This is raw intelligence material and dissemination to unauthorized personnel is prohibited.

This attachment was not given a security classification.

RU forum member Ray comments:

Anyone, regardless of their experience with the rules of military classifications, can see that these two statements are contradictory. However, those of us who know the rules of classified (or even potentially classified, such as "raw intel") information are aware "raw intelligence" falls into the category of "classified working papers". All such papers are required to be assigned a security classification, even if it is "UNCLASSIFIED" is positively stated as such.

People who have clearances are laughing their a$$es off at this gem!

You know, you could be forgiven for thinking the people giving Victor this stuff are making these mistakes on purpose... Either that or they haven't got a clue how things really get done. Hmm, I wonder which one it is, maybe a bit of both?

It reminds me of all the long-discredited fake photos that Mr. Doty gave Victor to post on a regular basis, with the obligatory "assurances" that they were genuine.

Some people never learn, it seems!


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Thursday, May 03, 2007

I Still Haven't Found What I'm looking For

The following email quote makes it a hat-trick of quotes for CoR25 tonight.

The damage inflicted on the R&D show is impossible to calculate at the moment, but it appears extensive.

The information below presents an intriguing view of what's what, for those that like to read between the lines that is. I have to say though, you don't have to try too hard this time...! an ex disk-jockey for three radio stations, WSAU, WRNU, and especially the top -40 WRIG...I can tell you that it will be really tough getting the song "Disclosure begi-i-i-i-i-i-i-ins Toni-i-i-i-i-ii-te" to get even to number 150 to get reviewed...when the jocks tumble to the fact that the melody is endless, they have heard many vesrions of the same song for 10 years, and that the electric guitar riffs drown-out the Coda.

Alas and alak: they just won't play it...and Apple won't even upload it to their site for free downloads to I-Pods.

A great mistake is made in trying to sell a song that has been played so much before. Even a new artist can sell it.

Someone needs to write a new song...and then write the right lyrics.

We got no composer. We only got a guy who thinks he can play guitar. And the lyricist...hides out refusing to write a word.

What we got was a Milli Vanilli tribute band when what was needed was something along the lines of U2. Those that can't sing are always found out in the end...

And the beat...........stopped.


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The Sky Fell

The following email is in response to Ryan D's Update post below and is from the source identified by Dan Smith as "CoR25".

Ryan listed a number of hypothetical situations, all of which would indeed be deemed newsworthy *if* CoR25 could or would confirm any of them.

The following response is published with the kind permission of CoR25:

Ryan is correct, as is often the case.
I also have it on pretty good authority that CoR25 would absolutely refuse to merely repeat what he has HEARD only from Dan, or read on his Blog, or in other person's email, never RP (Although CoR25 has been accused fairly of being a gossip...this is getting a little silly...Ryan's characterization "stupid" may be more accurate:

"RP talks to Dan extensively about eschatology and issues related to ufology - and supports and encourages Dan positively in his online Blog statements related to eschatology, ufology, and related phenomenology.
Furthermore - RP submits correspondence to Dan on various ufology issues in a supportive role, including controversial issues such as supporting Gordon Novel's RAM project both on the Blog and monetarily (encouraging Dan to invest a few thousand dollars in Gordon's project), investigating Rick Doty's involvement in Serpo, and all of the other issues discussed on Dan's Blog. RP has had Dan meet with officials, members of Congress, and even foreign delegates.
These activities appear, at least, to represent official, not personal, investment and interest in Dan Smith - a controversial figure in Eschatology, Ufology, and Phenomenology who RP has reportedly called insane and 'sick'."

CoR25 agrees totally with Ryan...the ABOVE statement may be deemed newsworthy by bloggers and web-sites...but since not a single statement in Ryan's good hypothetical statement has CoR25 ever heard from RP...not one of ...Ryan's presumptions of the lack of interesting material in fact, is true.

It would appear all outstanding questions have now been answered, have they not?

Actually there is more...

Caryn Anscomb also posted an email to Dan that went to a number of recipients. CoR25, who appears in a very talkative mood this evening, responded thusly:

I would like to associate myself 100% with Caryn's comments, and analysis.

I suspect CoR25 is alternatively becoming amused and incensed that rather than any hope of a rational explanation of "why" the R&D show being (Yawn) stated for the umpteenth time as an accident of frienship is news-worthy...he (and others are instead being increasingly played for a fool, or at a game so ill-defined as to be a Serponian Stick-ball substitute of Rugby. Naturally...just keeping people talking non-specificially is a great definition of true Narcissicism.

I really must try and find CoR25 to see if he sees anything valueable in any of this...absent any communication from the sentinal communicant...RP. CoR25 seems to have disappeared after reading the comments today.

I think CoR25 has been thunderstruck with the very thought Caryn raised...a very important hypothesis...that someone quite nasty is playing a "Bennewicz (sp) card." If that turns out to be the case, CoR25 will himself turn really quite nasty himself and several friendships will have been abrogated and ended due to what he would consider abject betrayal of all that is reasonable and decent. The Quest will have turned to a Farce.

Where do we go from here? Is the sky still in the same place or did it just come crashing down all around us? I suspect the next few days will provide more enlightenment...

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The Sky is Falling

The moment we have all been waiting for has finally arrived, apparently. Disclosure is upon us and officially started early this morning at 00:15 GMT.

A number of us "RU'ers" were discussing the fact that things had been relatively quiet lately, when out of the tedium popped a messenger of Dan Smith, with news of something big!

Sure enough, not long after this Dan himself contacted myself and RU co-owner Ryan D wanting to discuss the impending events. Not long after this, the following appeared on Dan's blog:

There has been a conversation with CoR25. There was a discussion as to whether this conversation might constitute a news story. The correspondent said he would be surprised if it did rise to that level.

CoR25 said that he will confirm to whomever that there have been extensive communications between me and RP over a number of years, and that RP is well aware of my bias toward eschatology of the traditional kind.

I have had discussions with OM and RU, and they are prepared to make the case that a confirmable R&D show should rise to the level of legitimate news. Well, OM is so prepared. We'll have to see about RU. They are welcome to call CoR25.

CoR25 was surprised that the R&D show had not already been publicly confirmed. I contended that it had not been so confirmed, and he readily consented to be the official confirmer of the R&D show.

Any questions?

I then called RP. He did not indicate that he had any problem with this 'small' additional step. I don't recall that we discussed whether this should rise to the level of a legitimate news story.

As you can see from the above, Dan and others are of the opinion that a "confirmable R&D show" is legitimate news. As mentioned at the top of this post, Ryan and I had a brief Skype chat with Dan last night, amid a flurry of online activity by several individuals with close ties to the people and personalities involved. Caryn Anscomb immediately attempted to confirm what was being said by going straight to the source that Dan was using. We quickly realised not all was as it seemed.

The following is the chat transcript (copied with the permission of all participants), Caryn's comments follow further down.

[00:15:15] Dan Smith says: disclosure starts tonight???
[00:15:21] Zep Tepi says: do tell
[00:15:26] Ryan says: well i'd call that excellent news...
[00:15:45] Dan Smith says: well, I'm supposed to blog it soon...
(Despite our requests, we never did learn who told him to blog this latest "news")
[00:16:02] Ryan says: to what degree will CoR25 confirm?
[00:16:12] Dan Smith says: I want to run it by you all...
[00:16:18] Ryan says: ok
[00:16:21] Zep Tepi says: ok
[00:16:26] Dan Smith says: CoR25 will confirm to whomever...
[00:16:43] Dan Smith says: Sharon Weinberger???
[00:16:47] Zep Tepi says: what will he confirm?
[00:16:50] Zep Tepi says: Yes I know her
[00:16:50] Ryan says: right - confirm what? only that RP talks to you...or confirm that RP supports what you say
[00:17:14] Dan Smith says: no only talks...
[00:17:30] Dan Smith says: is that not newsworthy??
[00:17:34] Zep Tepi says: we know that already?
[00:17:43] Ryan says: not really newsworthy...that's more than public
[00:17:50] Ryan says: sorry...shoot
[00:17:52] Dan Smith says: you know it, but Sharon does not....
[00:18:06] Zep Tepi says: maybe Sharon does not care?
[00:18:25] Ryan says: i'd be interested in her take...i hope she doesn't just blow it off as unimportant
[00:18:30] Dan Smith says: well, that's what we need to find out???
[00:18:52] Ryan says: it's not as great as if CoR25 would say that RP encourages you to post what you post
[00:18:54] Ryan says: but it's a start i guess
[00:18:56] Dan Smith says: next
[00:19:03] Ryan says: seems rather weak of CoR25, don't you think?
[00:19:27] Ryan says: figuring, he has the capability to confirm so much more
[00:19:52] Dan Smith says: no he doesn't about R&D...
[00:20:15] Ryan says: he doesn't see what RP sends you on the subjects you discuss?
[00:20:19] Dan Smith says: Of course RP encourages me...
[00:20:28] Ryan says: he doesn't "witness" RP encouraging you?
[00:20:44] Zep Tepi says: I don't think she will be very interested in knowing someone who has a blog also talks sometimes with RP, you will need to be VERY specific when talking with her
[00:20:48] Dan Smith says: RP has sent me nothing on eschaton...
[00:21:10] Dan Smith says: specific....of course...
[00:21:13] Zep Tepi says: so again, where will this get us?
[00:21:14] Ryan says: what about ufos...aliens....RAM....remote viewing....ghosts....god....etc...
[00:21:41] Dan Smith says: all that crap comes after the eschaton stuff...
(note: Charming!)
[00:21:47] Ryan says: i think it would be newsworthy if there was confirmation that a government agent was discussing UFO's legitimately with a civilian
[00:21:53] Ryan says: or any other paranormal topic
[00:22:07] Dan Smith says: Eschaton isw ##1 priority....No??
[00:22:17] Zep Tepi says: I don't see it like that, unless he is talking on the record...
[00:22:18] Ryan says: Eschaton is the big picture, yes?
[00:22:30] Dan Smith says: yes...
[00:22:32] Ryan says: he's talking to a "crazy" person...why is that?
[00:22:40] Ryan says: i'd say a journalist would take notice of that...
[00:23:30] Dan Smith says: come on you guys...get this straight between yourselves...
[00:23:38] Zep Tepi says: why?
[00:23:44] Ryan says: haha
[00:23:54] Zep Tepi says: we don't always agree on things
[00:23:59] Ryan says: certainly not!
[00:24:15] Dan Smith says: obviously.....!!! no shit Sherlock...
[00:24:16] Zep Tepi says: you said earlier disclosure starts tonight
[00:24:25] Zep Tepi says: disclosure of WHAT?
[00:24:34] Ryan says: and did anyone encourage you to blog tonight?
[00:24:40] Zep Tepi says: that a government official talks with a blogger?
[00:24:48] Zep Tepi says: whoppie doo! :)
[00:24:55] Dan Smith says: of R&D to whomever.... NY times???
[00:25:25] Ryan says: not that he only talks...but that he talks legitimately about a paranormal topic...(assuming CoR25 will confirm that part)
[00:25:28] Ryan says: but it sounds like he won't
[00:25:35] Ryan says: so i'd say it's a bust unfortunately
[00:25:44] Dan Smith says: to whom would you like??
[00:25:52] Zep Tepi says: lets go through it here
[00:25:59] Zep Tepi says: pretend I am Sharon
[00:26:06] Zep Tepi says: first contacy
[00:26:09] Zep Tepi says: contact even
[00:26:13] Zep Tepi says: what say you?
[00:26:35] Dan Smith says: She knows RP...
[00:26:49] Zep Tepi says: right ok, I gathered that part
[00:26:56] Dan Smith says: She knows he is a major player...
[00:27:11] Dan Smith says: He plays with me...
[00:27:23] Zep Tepi says: right, that is certainly true
[00:27:36] Zep Tepi says: she knows you too?
[00:27:48] Dan Smith says: so then I am either Bennewitz or Jesus...
[00:27:50] Zep Tepi says: if not you need to introduce yourself to her
[00:28:18] Ryan says: just don't say you're Bennewitz or least not at first ;)
[00:28:24] Zep Tepi says: lol
[00:28:36] Dan Smith says: ok what should I say???
[00:28:42] Zep Tepi says: well, if the choice is Bennewitz or Jesus Dan, I go for the former
[00:28:45] Ryan says: haha
[00:29:00] Zep Tepi says: say anything along those lines to Sharon and she will run a mile
[00:29:11] Dan Smith says: problemo....states witness with CoR25...!!!
[00:29:21] Ryan says: wait a you have it in writing that CoR25 will "back you up"?
[00:29:33] Ryan says: or has he simply told you so over the phone
[00:29:50] Dan Smith says: I have it verbal...big VERBAL....
[00:29:58] Ryan says: uh-huh
[00:30:05] Ryan says: you know what we say to our managers at work?
[00:30:10] Ryan says: if it ain't in writing - it ain't
[00:30:17] Dan Smith says: I blog it...he confirms it....
[00:30:23] Zep Tepi says: and more to the point, on whose authority was you made Jesus?
[00:30:29] Ryan says: how do you know he doesn't turn around on you after you blog it?
[00:30:29] Zep Tepi says: RP's?
[00:30:44] Zep Tepi says: RP gets to decide these things? Does the Pope know about this?
[00:30:47] Ryan says: "No idea what Dan's going on about, I never said any such thing"
[00:31:02] Ryan says: RP is God mate...did you forget?
[00:31:02] Dan Smith says: well...that is the entire issue here....
[00:31:10] Zep Tepi says: the thing is though Dan
[00:31:15] Zep Tepi says: you blog something along those lines
[00:31:27] Zep Tepi says: and CoR25 doesn't back you up
[00:31:32] Ryan says: not good
[00:31:36] Zep Tepi says: where does that leave you then?
[00:31:41] Zep Tepi says: In Bennewitz country
[00:31:57] Dan Smith says: then CoR25 will have broken his word for first time...
[00:32:14] Zep Tepi says: you need to be specific though
[00:32:35] Ryan says: the first time huh?
[00:32:36] Ryan says: wow
[00:32:36] Dan Smith says: I'm fine in Bennewitz country....are you stupid about that???
[00:32:44] Zep Tepi says: simply saying "CoR25 confirms government official in contact with blogger" is not exactly the start of disclosure
[00:32:51] Ryan says: it's stupid to be fine in bennewitz country
[00:32:53] Zep Tepi says: you're fine about that?
[00:32:54] Ryan says: but that's neither here nor there
[00:32:59] Zep Tepi says: exactly
[00:33:11] Dan Smith says: eschaton blogger is not a laughing matter....
[00:33:21] Zep Tepi says: it isn't?
[00:33:33] Zep Tepi says: what did CoR25 say to you?
[00:33:58] Dan Smith says: i am about to write that on the blog...
[00:34:07] Zep Tepi says: ah right, yes you did say
[00:34:17] Dan Smith says: i will tell you when it's ready..
[00:34:21] Ryan says: thought you were going to pass it by us?...oh ok
[00:34:32] Ryan says: still need to write it up then
[00:34:37] Zep Tepi says: don't want you shooting yourself in the foot
[00:34:38] Dan Smith says: I already have...
[00:34:49] Ryan says: or someone else shooting you in the foot
[00:34:54] Zep Tepi says: or being used as a pawn in a childish game
[00:34:59] Dan Smith says: me shoot myself.....not really,...
[00:35:22] Dan Smith says: childish...eschaton....oxymoron...
[00:36:05] Zep Tepi says: have you thought that eschaton isn't the game being played here?
[00:36:38] Dan Smith says: of course...but that is the game that RP encourages for 16 years.....
[00:37:00] Dan Smith says: problemo....???
[00:37:19] Zep Tepi says:
[00:37:40] Dan Smith says: no problemo....excellente!!!
[00:38:07] Zep Tepi says: but like I said, I don't want to see anyone being shot in the foot
[00:38:12] Ryan says: or lied to
[00:38:18] Ryan says: that's our only beef - ever
[00:38:45] Zep Tepi says: there could be several bouts of schadenfreude in the air after tonight
[00:38:52] Ryan says: lol
[00:38:59] Dan Smith says: sayonara.... Hasta la vista, Baby...!!!
[00:39:00] Zep Tepi says: but not from us I hasten to add
(Note:I know, I know, this very post could be deemed "shadenfreude-esque", but it is simply a reporting of the facts)
[00:39:16] Dan Smith says: from whom???
[00:39:33] Zep Tepi says: the great unwashed?
[00:39:42] Ryan says: the "untouchables"
[00:39:51] Ryan says: mr and mr. bulletproof
[00:40:00] Dan Smith says: you speak in parables...
[00:40:04] Ryan says: thank you
[00:40:11] Ryan says: coming from jesus that means a lot
[00:40:16] Zep Tepi says: I speak several languages, parables is just one ;)
[00:40:38] Dan Smith says: any other questions or suggestions???
[00:40:54] Ryan says: i'd say go for it dan
[00:40:58] Zep Tepi says: me too
[00:41:04] Ryan says: you'll only find support from us, caryn, and the likes of us
[00:41:15] Zep Tepi says: can't say anything more until we've seen what you are about to post
[00:41:21] Dan Smith says: ...going for IT............................
[00:41:31] Ryan says: excellent
Well, we saw what he was about to post and sure enough, it wasn't really all that significant. The answers are all available in the chat above. Dan states this is very significant "newsworthy" stuff - the fact that a government official talks with Dan, an "Eschaton blogger". Yet Dan also says of that very same official: "RP has sent me nothing on eschaton..."

Caryn Anscomb reports from her blog on her chat with CoR25, specifically what will be "disclosed":
“I have no clue what the "confirmation of the R&D show means"...I said I would tell ANYONE that I know RP and Dan are friends, have talked about all manner and matter of stuff for years, they disagree vehemently essentially any matter of substance, have great humor, and know each other very well: they talk often, and are very open when asked by anyone that they communicate a great deal in person, by phone, and by email, but neither knows what the other is really all about...not do I. If THAT is the "R&D Show..." you bet: I will tell anyone THAT...good heavens I have been confirming that for many years!"

Read Caryn's full report on her blog here, absolutely essential reading for those who truly do want access to the big picture.

In the meantime, let us remind ourselves of a little nursey rhyme. Any similarities or likenesses to real people are purely intentional...

Chicken Little

Chicken Little likes to walk in the woods. She likes to look at the trees. She likes to smell the flowers. She likes to listen to the birds singing.

One day while she is walking an acorn falls from a tree, and hits the top of her little head.

"My, oh, my, the sky is falling. I must run and tell the lion about it" - says Chicken Little and begins to run.

She runs and runs. By and by she meets the hen.

"Where are you going?" - asks the hen.

"Oh, Henny Penny, the sky is falling and I am going to the lion to tell him about it."

"How do you know it?" - asks Henny Penny.

"It hit me on the head, so I know it must be so" - says Chicken Little.

"Let me go with you!" - says Henny Penny. - "Run, run."

So the two run and run until they meet Ducky Lucky.

"The sky is falling" - says Henny Penny. "We are going to the lion to tell him about it"

"How do you know that?" - asks Ducky Lucky.

"It hit Chicken Little on the head" - says Henny Penny.

"May I come with you?" - asks Ducky Lucky.

"Come" - says Henny Penny.

So all three of them run on and on until they meet Foxey Loxey.

"Where are you going?" - asks Foxey Loxey.

"The sky is falling and we are going to the lion to tell him about it" - says Ducky Lucky.

"Do you know where he lives?" - asks the fox.

"I don't" - says Chicken Little.

"I don't" - says Henny Penny.

"I don't" - says Ducky Lucky.

"I do" - says Foxey Loxey. - "Come with me and I can show you the way."

He walks on and on until he comes to his den.

"Come right in" - says Foxey Loxey.

They all go in, but they never, never come out again.

More to follow.


Update from Ryan D.

"Any questions?"
Just a couple comments if I may.
When you stated this:

"CoR25 said that he will confirm to whomever that there have been extensive communications between me and Ron over a number of years, and that Ron is well aware of my bias toward eschatology of the traditional kind."

and this:

"CoR25 was surprised that the R&D show had not already been publicly confirmed. I contended that it had not been so confirmed, and he readily consented to be the official confirmer of the R&D show."

I think it's important to define "confirmation" here. Is "Ron talks to Dan extensively, and is aware of Dan's bias toward eschatology.." confirmation? It's certainly confirmation of what anyone who is on Jack's list, or reads the forums, or has even a passing familiarity with the "Aviary" side of ufology -already knows. Will a journalist find it newsworthy? Probably not. Is it worth a try? Sure - go for it.

What we were trying to convey to you last night, Dan, is whether something of this nature would be a little more interesting to the general public:

"Ron talks to Dan extensively about eschatology and issues related to ufology -and supports and encourages Dan positively in his online blog statements related to eschatology, ufology, and related phenomenology.
Furthermore - Ron submits correspondence to Dan on various ufology issues in a supportive role, including controversial issues such as supporting Gordon Novel's RAM project both on the blog and monetarily (encouraging Dan to invest a few thousand dollars in Gordon's project), investigating Rick Doty's involvement in Serpo, and all of the other issues discussed on Dan's blog. Ron has had Dan meet with officials, members of Congress, and even foreign delegates. These activities appear, at least, to represent official, not personal, investment and interest in Dan Smith - a controversial figure in Eschatology, Ufology, andPhenomenology who Pandolfi has reportedly called insane and 'sick'

That would constitute confirmation.

As to this:

"I have had discussions with OM and RU, and they are prepared to make the case that a confirmable R&D show should rise to the level of legitimate news."

That is absolutely true. But only if something like the above statement is confirmed. CoR25's current comments to you represent a tongue-in-cheek statement - that make the request for confirmation appear amateur and ridiculous (and dare I say stupid), intentionally or not. To them, this appears to be a big joke. If CoR25 is willing to confirm the statement that I've suggested above - we would be more than happy to publish an article on the matter to our website, and submit the news to as many journalists, forums and bloggers as we have access to and support from. CoR25 may not consider some of those avenues properly journalistic - but, if so, he underestimates the power of the internet and undermines the intelligence of most of us here. I suspect Gary Bekkum & Caryn Anscomb would likely agree that such a statement as the one above would be newsworthy as well.

Otherwise, CoR25's tongue-in-cheek comments to you aren't worth the electronic bits and bytes they're displayed on, unfortunately.


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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Few Good (Con?) Men

This post has been inspired by the latest writings on Dan Smith's blog. Particularly "interesting" to read is what Dan thinks about the team at RU and what he thinks our agenda to be, or "not to be" as in this case:

"Truth is not an agenda item for RU"

Oh really, Dan? That sounds rather like a misdirection tactic to me. We've certainly had our fill of those in these here parts. I think it's time to let Jessep & Kaffee do the talking...

Smith: You want answers?

RU: I think we're entitled to them.

Smith: You want answers?

We want the truth!

You can't handle the truth! Son, we live in a world that is the Best Possible. And this world has to be guarded by men with strange stories. Who's gonna do it? You? You, Mr Zep Tepi? I have a greater responsibility than you can possibly fathom. You weep for Serpo and you curse the storytellers. You have that luxury. You have the luxury of not knowing what I know: that Serpo's death, while tragic, probably saved faces. And my existence, while grotesque and incomprehensible to you, saves even more...You don't want the truth. Because deep down, in places you don't talk about in forums, you want me on my blog. You need me on my blog.We use words like Aviary, Ocelot, Disclosure...we use these words as the backbone to a life spent defining something. You use 'em as a punchline. I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very information I provide, then questions the manner in which I provide it! I'd rather you just said thank you and went on your way. Otherwise, I suggest you pick up your keyboard and write a post. Either way, I don't give a damn what you think you're entitled to!

Have you lost your mind?

Smith: (quietly) I wrote everything on my blog in good faith.

Have you lost your mind?

Smith: You're goddamn right I have!!

Hmm, quite ;)

As I think
most people are already aware, the truth is what we have been searching for since day one. Not a warped version of the truth, not a truth that has been wrapped up in nonsensical details that makes it unrecognisable as such, nor a truth with 90% left out. All we're searching for is the plain and simple truth! Is that too much to ask for?



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Saturday, April 21, 2007

The ET Republic

If latest events in this sector of the UFOlogy arena are anything to go by, we are led to believe that the "Powers That Be" in the USA hold all of the aces with regard to ET disclosure. These highly secretive individuals, we are told, are in possession of a knowledge that has thus far proved so devastating in its implications that only a select few have ever been privy to this earth shattering information.

Some of this information has leaked out into the public domain of course. Little snippets here and there, all filtered into the system with the prime objective designed around the gradual seeding in the collective consciousness of the reality of ET life.

Eventually we are sold tales of crashed discs and meetings with offworld civilizations. We are to believe that the US are in posession of alien technology and have used reverse-engineering in order to use that technology for their own purposes. Why anyone would want to reverse engineer something that clearly does not work in the manner it was designed to should be beside the point. Not only are we supposed to believe all of the above, we are also supposed to believe that out of all of the thousands and thousands of people that must have been involved in such a gargantuan coverup effort, not one single shred of hard evidence has ever been forthcoming. That is truly something!

Perhaps the crashed discs and the reverse-engineering are all fabrications as part of the seeding operation. That would certainly make more sense and would require far fewer people being in the loop in order to be successful. This is however not what these shadowy insiders are telling us. They ARE in fact telling us that ET came for a visit, crashed while parking, had a slight problem with immigration, but eventually phoned home and got it all sorted out. They also liked the natives so much they thought the folks back home would too, so they duly arranged for the lovely humans to go and visit their place in the sun(s). On the flip side, one of them liked the US so much he decided to stay there.

It must have been a pretty boring life for the little fella, what with trips to Disney World and walks in the park obviously not on the agenda. Instead, he would have to get used to being moved around in huge secrecy and with armed guards and monitors following his every waking and sleeping move. I don't really understand what the ET would have liked about that kind of existence, but it must have been consentual otherwise our guys and gals wouldn't have had such a homely and welcoming experience on his planet now would they? Actually, maybe that part was completely made up, as part of the plausibe deniability aspect to the story. Bit of an odd concept that, don't you think?

Ok, maybe there wasn't an exchange program after all, but that would mean that the poor old ET guy would have been held here against his will. What kind of message would that send to his people? Then again, we are supposed to believe that the ET's apparently didn't care that one of their craft crash-landed on a foreign planet. They didn't feel the need to attempt to launch a rescue and recovery operation in order to get their people and equipment back. They must have known we were far behind them in technological terms so the idea of their property falling into the hands of the humans must have given them pause for thought, at the very least! That single crashed craft could change the whole course of history for the planet in question. It appears they need an alien version of the Prime Directive if you ask me. Oh wait, wait a minute. Some reports tell us they might have launched a rescue operation if the number of reported crashes are anything to go by. Guess what though? Yep, they crashed too. I guess they gave it up as a bad job after that and went home. Then again, maybe they tried repeatedly. And crashed repeatedly. Dumb aliens eh!

So, regardless of what actually transpired in order for there to be something to disclose, the simple fact is, apparently, that there is something to disclose. And only the US are in on the deal. Let's not forget that part of the story. Over 6 billion people live on this planet of ours, with many different races and religions thrown into the wonderful mix that comprises humanity.

However, if certain blog accounts are to be believed, the vast majority of humanity does not have a say in this disclosure. Nope, the only people being taken into account are those of the christian faith that understand English. If Christ isn't your saviour then sorry, you don't appear to be part of this particular story. The end times are a-coming but before rising up to heaven we will be told everything we need to know about the aliens.

We assume of course, that these English speaking aliens with an apparent love for the American way of life are quite happy to allow just one nation to speak for the rest of the world.

"We are here, but please don't tell those pesky Europeans or the troublesome Chinese about it just yet, we don't really trust them. The Russians?! The Muslim and Hindu States!? Get outta here buddy! It's baseball and strawberry ice cream for us. You can let those funky Tibetan monks in on the deal though, they have some groovy tunes baby!"

We are also being told we might now have to wait until the next US elections before we will be informed that our lives have changed forever. Elections in other countries are of no importance of course. The rest of the world's governments go about their daily business blissfully unaware that their future on this planet is being decided by a very small number of people who send cryptic email messages to each other and occasionally allow a select few mere mortals to sneak a quick glimpse at the forbidden knowledge.

Don't worry about it folks, disclosure is coming and it will be done through the medium of obscure web blogs and relatively small online forums. How else did you think it would happen?

Someone’s laughing, Lord, kumbaya...


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Friday, April 20, 2007

To Disclose or not to Disclose

"To be or not to be, --that is the question:--Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune or to take arms against a sea of troubles, and by opposing end them?"

Good 'ol Will, he had a quote for everything. Were he alive today and dabbling in the court of the UFOlogist he might have said instead:

"To disclose or not to disclose, --that is the question:-- Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the distraction and noise of outrageous deception or to take arms against a sea of subterfuge, and by exposing end them?"

The answer is coming soon to a website near you. You see, there is more than one kind of disclosure ;)