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Reality Uncovered Project Serpo Investigation - Emails

We present here the first instalment of emails that offer a unique insight into the background of the Project Serpo story. It will also become apparent that the attacks and slurs against the team at this site were nothing more than malicious distractions.
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In this email, someone posing as “Paul McGovern” has sent Victor an email with the subject titled “Identity of Survivor”.

Victor then forwards this email, with header, to the wiz – asking him to compare the header to Doty’s.

[From Victor]
Check the IP address for Paul and COMPARE it to Rick's,... wanna bet
that they're one and the SAME?! Let me know! –

[From Paul McGovern]

Provide the following information to Mr. Anonymous for verification. Destroy this after receiving. I will not reveal this name to anyone. I will honor all confidentiality.

Retired Colonel James ***** *****, USAF. Team number 225. Pilot, certified in F102s, F106s and F89s.

This is our Hero!


[Link to PDF with headers]

In this email, VM appears to be responding to the wiz and at one point, names Rick Doty as having supplied Dr. G**** name to Victor.

[From Victor & Sylvester]
I must be brief, but wanted to let you know that I'm still here and
have been reading your messages avidly. The information you sent confirms
your suspicion that Doty is impersonating Paul McGovern in the e-mail
example you sent.

COMMENT: NO! It's also YOU! Wait until you see what I have to send

In order to put the nail in the coffin, though, I would like for K***
to elaborate on her contact with Doty. When did he first contact

ANSWER: I just called K*** today before she went to pick up Bill from
the airport at 5 p.m. CA time. She first spoke with Rick about 2-3 days
AFTER POSTING #12 on Tuesday, January 24, or the day after my friend
contacted you on the 23rd.

That FIRST posting was sent to Bill in Europe from Rick's computer via

What exactly did he say his role was?

told him that you were UNhappy with my editing corrections to your
material and that you were now changing moderators to Bill Ryan who was
a "reporter" [would leave everything as is/no changes] and not like an
"editor" which is what I am.

Did she retain any of the mailing envelopes or receipts that contained
the information?

ANSWER: No. Rick told her that day that his superiors (were there
really any?) did not want anything sent via the Internet and only via
Fed Ex, so he asked K*** when Bill would be home so he could Fed Ex it
to her. Bill was home to receive and sign for all three (3) Fed Ex

My superiors interest is piqued, but they require more evidence to show
that Doty was (as WE suspect) acting quite alone in this little

COMMENT: I disagree with you here. I THINK -- I DON'T know -- that Rick
was acting on behalf of someone else -- THE IMPOSTER -- whom he might
very well have believed was YOU -- and was simply carrying out the
continuation of the AUTHENTIC "Project SERPO" documents.
Again, I ask you to look and examine all of the GOOD Rick has done in
terms of UFO disclosure AFTER pulling a "fast one" on poor Linda
Moulton Howe.

QUESTION: WHAT would his motivation be?

If there is more that you can send me; can you get any of HIS original

ANSWER: After the single encrypted post, the next three (3) postings
were sent on disks and all of those are in possession of Bill Ryan;
K*** was NOT home when the Fed Ex guy came around, else she told me
today, that she would have sent them ALL to me!

My own would be helpful, but not vital, as I would illustrate the
difference to my colleagues. My friend, we must act quickly.

COMMENT: Yeah, so what are you waiting for?! Let's have that public

I expect that Bill Ryan and Rick Doty have another post planned for
release prior to the Laughlin Conference that Bill Ryan intends to
speak at.

COMMENT: Bill's represented "Project SERPO" VERY well, but he lacks
the level of discernment that I do,... please note that I'm rarely
discussed in online forums, discussion boards, etc. I ignore all of that crap.
Bill's become the topic, instead of SERPO!

We must have the evidence in place prior to Bill taking the podium, so
that our release coincides with theirs -- we shall use their own
pathetic attempt at showmanship to the detriment!

COMMENT: Well, this is all the evidence you may get for now, BUT I can
write the release with you in such a manner that it leaves the clear
impression that this was Satan's dirty work here!

One last thing -- can we enlist **** assistance?

COMMENT: Yes! But she said today that this is all she knows as of now
and Bill is VERY "secretive" about SERPO (as if he's on a "spy"
mission of some sort) even going so far as to peek over her shoulder when she's
at HER computer in her own home!

If her statements could be made public through a source of MINE,
perhaps we can stop the imposters COLD.

COMMENT: Her name CANNOT be made public; she wants her name OUT.
However, I have a way of nailing it for you,... TRUST ME on this
you'll LOVE it! Just get that ----ing statement to me!

Let me know soon, as we must take the initiative without delay!

COMMENT: Yes. Bill came in about an hour ago at 5 p.m. in San
Francisco and K*** takes him to the airport on Sunday, 2-25-06 at 1:50


And if you could, please explain to me what information you had to
arrive at my identity (which I may neither confirm nor deny

COMMENT: Which means you've "CONFIRMED" it; that's OK, I like you, and
S**** nor I have NO intention of EVER revealing your ID to ANYONE, so
R-E-L-A-X already, will you?! You're making ME nervous!

at this time for obvious reason, the least of which not being your

ANSWER: I learned of your identity on the basis of an e-mail
sent to a small group called the "Team of 5" (myself, Dr. Green, Dr. Puthoff,
Rick Doty and Bill Ryan) by Rick Doty, who said he learned of your
POSSIBLE identity from two (2) DIA sources, who were 90% certain that

ANALYSIS: This should alert you that Rick and two (2) DIA sources (at
least in your own agency) knew early on (to 90% certainty, at least) of
your identity, and it also clearly demonstrates that, although Kit, Hal
and I also heard this, we are TRUSTworthy in that we have not told
ANYone else.

Other short-list candidates were: Paul McGovern, Gene Lakes/Loscowski,
BR Inman and Herb Milton (is he dead?).

Now, YOU have the full deck to deal from. As far as Bill is concerned,
he's way too busy thinking of his next "Project SERPO" appearance to
give it any further thought and being invited to DIA headquarters in DC
to appear with you is that he thinks about constantly,... this came
from K***!

After S**** and I learned of your identity, we have NEVER brought it up
to ANYone and Drs P & G and myself never bring it up. The "Team of 5"
still exists, but Hal and I rarely ever respond now (since "Project
SERPO" was hijacked) and when I do, it's just for "small talk" like to
wish Bill good luck in Laughlin, NV as I recently forwarded to you.

P.S.: I would LOVE to take a class from you in in the "Center for *****
" someday,... oh well a burger and then a walk in the tidal basin in April
will have to do to walk off those calories! Hope your burger joints are as good
as ours! –

[Link to PDF with headers]


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