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We present here the first instalment of emails that offer a unique insight into the background of the Project Serpo story. It will also become apparent that the attacks and slurs against the team at this site were nothing more than malicious distractions.
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In this email, Victor is sharing an exchange he had with an ATS investigator and asks if Post # 11 issued on 12/21/05 is from the original Anon, or the imposter.
This clearly shows that Victor believes he is in contact with the original Anon, and is well aware of the switch that took place around 12/21/05 with respect to the Serpo disclosures.

[From Victor]
This woman Val Hall-Springer-***** runs a very influential online
discussion forum at:


where they have a HUGE "Project SERPO" thread; answer whatever you can
for her and let me know WHEN I can make a PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT that
"Project SERPO's" postings were "hijacked" by an imposter(s),... thanx.

Also, were the journal entries that comprised POSTING #11 on December
21, 2005 -- which is the last time I heard from you -- AUTHENTIC or
In other words, were those from the FAKE "Anonymous" or YOU? –

[From Vallhall]
I'm going to go over it with you one more time because (for some odd reason) it's real important to me that you understand.

From Anonymous Posting 14 which came to Bill Ryan:

Assistant Team Commander 203
Team Pilot #1      225
Team Pilot #2      308
Linguist #1           420
Linguist #2           475
Biologist               518
Scientist #1          633
Scientist #2          661
Doctor #1            700
Doctor #2            754
Security               899

Taking this list (if it's not disinfo!!!) either 420 or 475 (the two linguists) has to be a woman (because in Anonymous Posting 2 he says (through you) that one of the women was a linguist). be a woman because in Posting 2 he says one of the doctors is a woman.

Okay, now let's look at what has been said so far...

In your "Anonymous Posting 11" the following statement was made:

"700 is eating it. He seems OK but it is upsetting his bowels."

That establishes one of the doctors as a man, so in order for the list above to be correct, 754 must be a woman.

But then in Bill Ryan's "Anonymous Posting 13b" the following statement was made:

"I asked 754 if he might understand what they were doing."

If this statement is correct, then the list above is wrong or vice versa, because now we have both doctors being identified as men.

Now concerning the linquists, in your "Anonymous Posting 11" the following statement was made:

"420 will try to use his language skills."

If the list above is correct, this means 475 must be a woman.

[From Victor]
OT worry, I WON'T share your e-mail with ANYone, but I'm confused on
where the discrepancy MIGHT be though I understand where you're "going
with this." I really do. Looks like you know this material better than I
do,... I'm impressed!

[Link to PDF with headers]

In this email, it is clear that Victor is anxious to get back in the center of the Serpo stage with the announcement that HE is back in contact with the original Anon.
He also shares an email exchange between Rick Doty, Christopher ‘Kit” Green and Bill Ryan where Rick is trying to pin the blame on the “imposter” on someone from the Burisch supporters, as well as ATS.

[From Victor]

SYLVESTER: Rumors abound that your return is imminent,... wait until
the world learns the TRUTH!

In the the meantime -- incredible as it may seem -- Rick is now trying
to blame Dan Burisch and his lunatic fringe for all of the anti-SERPO


1) Bill speaks

2) Rick speaks

3) Kit Green speaks

4) Hal Puthoff is 100% on YOUR side

5) Will report everything to you

"There's NO substitute for quality."

[From Bill Ryan]
To: Rick, Kit, Hal, Victor
Hi, Rick – re Burisch, if this is cast-iron, give it to me at Laughlin so I can include it in my presentation...

[From Rick Doty]
The skeptics will do everything to discredit the story. I have real, first hand information, that Dan Burisch is behind the skeptical side of Serpo.

[From Christopher Green]
Re: the increasing noise on the Blogs and the para-Serponian web sites. Wayne did send me several
to peruse about two weeks ago. I do so about one a day.

The story that it is a hoax and due primarily to Bill and Rick is legion. No connecting of the two of
them. Just independent chatter. Lots of stuff about the material since mid-December being patently
absurd, a rehash of a 15-year old book, while the early stuff was simply "barely believable." There is
widespread discussion about a British based communications plot, with all the embedded messages
and the logs about "legal" and "creative" approvals for the story that is a clear viral marketing
scheme. The "Hoax" and then "Hoax admitter" and then "Hoax-hoax admitter" string is now up to five
levels. It isn't even possible in principle to tell from the Blogs, ATS, or other sites who believes whom.
But the bad guys are being named: Bill Ryan and Rick Doty. God forbid anyone ever connects the
two of you guys...it is so far as if the two of you never heard of each other.

No more discussion of people taking the story seriously, like visitors from the government.
By the way...the issue of the huge data file, turning out to be a child-like protractor drawing did it all
in. Absolutely no one noticed that it may have been a drawing, fully intending to be a serious attempt
to convey meaning, of something that had been mentioned in one of the first 5 "Releases." Did any of
you recognize it? It was an object (I think) mentioned quite early-on. It may not be so silly, after all.
Remember what I said...even simple drawings when put in WORD turn out to be megabytes...rename
the file and / or put it into a GIF or JPEG and the same drawing drops to 70 kilobytes. Most people on
the internet chat rooms including ATS know even less about computers than do I...and that says it all.

That is why I am not reading anything anymore for detail...just sociological gestalt.
I heard a rumor that the original Anonymous may resurface and show the present (since mid-
December) Anonymous III to be a fraud. The source was credible, but the back-story makes it murky.

[Link to PDF with headers]


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