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Reality Uncovered Project Serpo Investigation - Emails

We present here the first instalment of emails that offer a unique insight into the background of the Project Serpo story. It will also become apparent that the attacks and slurs against the team at this site were nothing more than malicious distractions.
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In this email, Victor describes to how it all went down with respect the change between Doty # 1 and Doty # 2

[From Victor]

OK, here it is and how it ALL went down:

1) A "new & improved" ANONYMOUS within YOUR "black world" intell
community approached Richard C Doty and told him that they were now the
"official" disclosure people for "Project SERPO" and were "firing" me
for my continued editing corrections of the material for grammar,
style, usage, etc., despite being told NOT to do so for POSTING #11, the
journal entries.

2) They said that they did NOT want to approach Bill [Ryan] directly,
so they wanted to pass the "new" [faked] material to Rick who would then
Fed-Ex to his girlfriend K***


who would then download it and e-mail it to Bill Ryan for posting.
Bill faithfully posted "your" material to his Web site at:


but with reservations.

3) I asked him many questions about "his" ANONYMOUS, where the photos
of our Team Members were, why I was "fired," etc., but he refused to
answer and now I know why: The "new" ANONYMOUS directed him to answer NO
probing questions from me knowing full well that I would KNOW instantly
that Bill was dealing with an imposter an being "played" as a
DISinformation agent.

4) WHERE did get this disturbing, but enlightening information from?
Why from Bill's now EX-girlfriend, K*** herself ON THE
PHONE! In fact, Rick called her home, explained to her WHY this was
being done and that he was the "pass-through" for the "new" ANONYMOUS
of "Project SERPO."

Now, whether they told him that it was YOU or a new person who had
replaced you, I DON'T know and neither does she. In other words, Rick
might actually have thought that he and Bill were dealing with the SAME
ANONYMOUS that I was! However, I think you can see a real irony here,
can you not?

For years and years, Rick spent a lifetime in counterintelligence and
ran DISinformation campaigns on the public (e.g., the Paul Bennewitz
affair) and now HE himself has fallen victim to a DISinformation
campaign! How's THAT for a real head turner?!

5) Before flying off the handle, bear in mind that Rick Doty was only
the pass-through for these "new" postings and thought he was the
messenger for AUTHENTIC material, so let's NOT shoot the messenger for
delivering the message, right?

"Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies even closer."

6) What YOU need to find out is WHO in your "black world" was sending
this DISinfo material to Rick,... that's HUGE and should be a "9/11"

7) Per your request, I streamed "Project SIGMA," but, as you see, I've
done a lot of my own foot work all of which I hope assists you in
solving this perplexing puzzle and this dizzying turn of events. Wow,
what a day!

8) Feel free to resume the POSTINGS whenever you feel the timing is
right and make some kind of public announcement -- which I'll REword --
stating exactly what has occurred so we can get back on track,...

9) By the way, did I ever meet your father at a UFO convention or a
public event of some sort from the cryptic "Perhaps a visit from my
father might TAX your memory!"

Now, that threw me for a loop, but that's OK,; the burger joint was
good enough: The Habit on Glendale Ave, in the City of Glendale,... always
there EVERY Friday afternoon around 3:30 - 4:30 p.m.; MY treat if
you're ever in L.A.! –

[Link to PDF with headers]

In this email, Victor is sharing with who he believes to be the real Anon the Rick Doty email claims to have intercepted emails between ATS and Burisch in an effort to point the finger at the Burisch group.

[From Victor]
Check the IP address for this message which just came in from Rick
literally SECONDS ago! He wants to BLAME Burisch for everything that's
happened! –

[From Rick Doty]
An extremely well placed person has intercepted communication between the ATS and the
Burisch camp. The Blogs have been traced back to the Burisch camp.

[From Bill Ryan]
To: Rick, Kit, Hal, Victor

Hi, Rick – re Burisch, if this is cast-iron, give it to me at Laughlin so I can include it in my presentation...

[Link to PDF with headers]


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Last Updated: 07/06/2006


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