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Reality Uncovered Project Serpo Investigation - Emails

We present here the first instalment of emails that offer a unique insight into the background of the Project Serpo story. It will also become apparent that the attacks and slurs against the team at this site were nothing more than malicious distractions.
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In this email, Victor continues describing how Rick Doty began disseminating the releases directly to Bill Ryan as reported by K*** – Bill’s former girlfriend.

Victor also reports the toll this has taken on K*** and indicates that there will be “no nooky” for Bill when he gets to his shared home with K*** just prior to the Laughlin conference in March 2002.

[From Victor]
"There is no substitute for quality."


I just got off the phone with K*** (Bill's ex-girlfriend)
minutes ago on this Sunday morning in an effort to possibly convince
her to send me/us those CD-ROMs the postings were gleaned from.

Well, that's not going to happen, but here are more details on how
everything went down:

1) The FIRST POSTING from/for the IMPOSTER entries was sent from Rick
via ENCRYPTED form to Bill to wherever he was in Europe;

2) For the next three (3) postings, Rick told Bill that it was "too
risky" to send via computer/the Internet [perhaps he thought you guys
were onto him/them?], so he insisted that they be sent by FedEx which
they were.

UNfortunately, Bill was there to sign for all three (3) packages else
K*** told me that "I would have been more than happy to have sent them
to you!" [for forensic analysis] and because she's PISSED off that
she's LOSING HER HOME over "Project SERPO!"

3) Bill's coming "home" in a couple of weeks [NO "nooky!"], then
heading off to the Laughlin-Nevada UFO conference as our official spokesperson
for "Project SERPO" then coming back to CA and then back to Europe for
his job.

This may not be of too much help, but does provide you with additional
background on how this AFOSI operation went down. Let me know if
there's anything else I can do for you/the DIA-6.

[Link to PDF with headers]


This is the first of actually 6 emails (not 5 as indicated) Victor is forwarding from Rick Doty so his “anon” can check the IP headers.

[From Victor]
1 of 5

[From Rick Doty]

Here are the nine remaining:


The program was started in 1956. The program was in the Pentagon Office of Special Missions. The
Commander of the Office was Brid Gen Wilbur Abrams, US Army. To the best of my knowledge,
there were two females involved in the first team.


Some one is spreading a lot of bullshit. Sounds like Victor Martinez or somebody else is making up
half this stuff. The basic story is factual but the details are bullshit. I worked on this project from
about 1970 until 1980. The team sent back signals, which were sent via the Eben communication
device. Eben Number 2 or the second ambassador translated the messages since they were sent in
the Eben language. As for the diary stuff, I think someone is making that up.


A lot of reality but a lot of bullshit.


Somebody better go back and dig up the original stuff, Air Force Document: QW-1980-03-98154.


I cannot believe our government has let this information out! What idiots. This stuff was suppose
to be used to further our technology. The serpo people gave us hundreds of gadgets. We just
haven't figured them out yet. Now everyone and their uncle will be snooping into all the secret
stuff. Idiots!


Most of the released information is truthful. I never saw, nor read the diary. Maybe the diary
contains information from various team members, rather than just the team commander. The final
report is contained in a document entitled, "QW". The title was classified. The document number is:
80-0398154. Maybe someone should request a freedom of information release on that.


I was involved in the original program. It started in 1956 and ran until 1964, when the visitors
landed at White Sands. Somebody screwed up because our team was ready to go but the visitors
didn't want to take them. What a screw up. But we made arrangements for the following year.


I hope the FBI visits everyone on Victor's list and seize everything they got. All this information is
classified, gang!


Bullshit laced with facts.


That's it, at least as of today. I do have some more but I haven't sorted through them.

[Link to PDF with headers]

In this email, Victor is sharing the Rick Doty email where Rick has sent “promised photos” to Victor.

[From Victor]
1 of 6

Oops! I forgot about this one!

[From Rick Doty]

Attached are the photographs I promised.


[Image1.jpg] [Image2.jpg]

[Link to PDF with headers]


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