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We present here the first instalment of emails that offer a unique insight into the background of the Project Serpo story. It will also become apparent that the attacks and slurs against the team at this site were nothing more than malicious distractions.
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In this email exchange between thewizardofzin@yahoo.com and Victor, the wiz is obviously trying to obtain additional information from Victor by alluding to having been contacted by someone who he says appears to have guessed his identity.

“I would have thought that someone would have guessed my identity by this point. I know of one person that has and he wrote to my personal email address. He was very polite and told me that he would not reveal my identity. I never responded to this person, but he was intelligent at a level that I cannot begin to comprehend. He knew much more than I would have thought possible, but my colleagues tell me that he is not in the business as far as they could tell. He has remained true to his word and has not revealed me to the public.”

Victor appears to respond with a congratulatory ‘slap” on his own back and states exactly who he believes the wiz is. The details have been excluded because we suspect that this individual’s name was fed to Victor by either Kit Green or Rick Doty and his name was used purposely without his consent.

Professor/Dr G***:


1) It was "me" who wrote to you and ID'd you, BUT I have NEVER said,
breathed, uttered nor suggested to ANYone who you really are.

2) Because WebTV deletes EVERYthing after 24 hrs by the Web TV e-mail
"sweeper train" that comes by around 5 a.m. every morning, I canNOT
provide you a copy of the e-mail that my friend sent you, BUT I can
provide you the particulars and intimate details that ONLY I and my
friend who sent it would know, so here they are:

a) This e-mail ID'ing was sent to you on Monday, January 23, 2006 at
about 8 a.m. CA time;

b) it was sent to: j***@******.*** with a "bcc" to me;

c) the return address of the sender was:


d) he wrote it in such a way that left NO doubt that you were THE

BACKGROUND: My friend and I started kicking around the idea at the
Claim Jumper over Sunday brunch on 1-22-06. We debated all of the pros and
cons of engaging in such a risky venture. One thing which weighed
heavily in our minds was the fact that you had ignored all of my
e-mails to you at the lycos.com address [we did NOT know you had been
compromised by the AFOSI], so in the end figured we had NOTHING to lose
and EVERYthing to gain.

Between the time we left the restaurant and the time the afternoon
matinees started at the Krikorian Theaters here in Monrovia, we went
over the structure of the letter and HOW it had to be written that you
left you NO leeway and NO way out of denying who your "other" you
really was.

When days and days went by withOUT a reply, we knew we had "made" you.

Our rationale was simple: Someone who had been MISidentified would have
done the normal thing: "I'm so sorry, but what are you talking about?

You have the wrong person; I have no idea what you're talking about."
That's what a "normal" person would do as a professional courtesy so
the sender would know they had contacted someone in error.

ONLY the correctly intended recipient would remain SILENT!

– Both of us were graduated from high school in 1974; me from *****
High School as a Gold Seal Graduate with a 3.875 GPA and S*** from
***** HS also in 1974;

– While in HS, we were both in the MGM [Mentally Gifted Minor = IQ 130
+] program for our respective high schools;

– We met in Sept. 1974 at ******** College;

– S**** took a haitus and went into the USAF and was stationed at
Vandenburg AFB,... but NEVER AFOSI! Ha!

– I went on to Cal State Univ Los Angeles where I was graduated in
March '81 with a degree in journalism with a specialization in public
relations writing & speaking;

– After leaving the USAF with a honorable discharge under honorable
conditions, he briefly attended George Washington Univ, HATED your
humid summers and then returned to CA to attend California State Univ, Los
Angeles where he obtained a BA degree in philosophy.

– My first job out of college was working for the Legal Advice and
Litigation Unit for the now defunct U S Immigration Service; I was then
promoted to background investigator of illegal aliens convicted in
this country of CIMTs; I accessed ALL law enforcement data base systems in
this country from the FBI's NCIC and their CCH to Interpol to CLETS to
CII and localized databases tied in by the III;

– I've worked for the ***, ***, the ** and JPL/NASA with a "Secret"
clearance until a massive layoff in June 1988; I have "Career Status"
on my SF-50;

– I entered teaching in November 1998 where I have since donated
$288,000 in books to five (5) different school districts I've subbed
for/taught at;

– S**** started off as a GS-5 supply clerk at the Seal Beach Naval
Weapons Station, went to the U.S. Bureau of Prisons which included a
stint at El Reno, OK, where he guarded Terry Nichols of OKC fame (!),
and then jumped over to US INS which became ICE after 9/11.

– He is a presently a GS-13/4 Special Agent with the Dept of Homeland
Security at the ********

That message was sent to you by a SECURE DHS computer/server, so don't even
try "tracing" the IP,... it won't work. No reason to now anyways.

To increase your COMFORT level -- and because we know EVERYthing about
you -- and have known for quite a while now after I personally "found"
you -- I thought it was only FAIR that you know about us.
NOTE: If I've known of your identity for nearly three (3) months now
and I've NOT disclosed it, do you REALLY think I'm going to now?! I want
the POSTINGS TO RESUME and the DATA, not WHO you are and WHAT you do,
which much like me, is VERY honorable of what you do:

You're a TEACHER like myself; what greater calling and more honorable a
profession can there be than in relaying and instilling the knowledge,
morals and ideals from one generation to the next one thereby insuring
the continuation of our body politic?

3) Getting back to business: In trying to cut "retired" Rick Doty the
GREATEST SLACK possible, do you and your group believe that Rick was
only acting in GOOD FAITH as he really BELIEVED that perhaps there was
a" new method" for disseminating the information?

In other words, what I'm suggesting is that perhaps the IMPOSTER led
Rick to believe that the method of disclosure had simply changed and
that Rick was being "called into service" as the
"pass-through/mule/courier/dupe/useful idiot" for this operation "in
the furtherance of UFO disclosure."

QUESTION: Is it POSSIBLE that Rick INNOCENTLY did this? I ask this in
all seriousness because Rick's work in getting UFO information out into
the public domain is to be admired with what he did with the 1988 show
"UFO Coverup - Live!," then the stunning disclosures he made in Capt
Collins' book, the GREAT PR he gave "Project SERPO" on the "Coast to
Coast AM" show (remember?) and then the great article he just penned
with me and Bill Ryan for the blockbuster "Project SERPO Special" in he
Feb/March issue of "UFO Magazine."

Hey, I'm thinking aloud here: Shouldn't you guys be concentrating on
the IMPOSTER -- the one who set Rick up -- rather than Rick himself?
Now, if Rick did all of this on his own -- HARD to believe -- then
bring the hammer down on him, BUT I don't think so. It's out of character
for him; after making so many positive contributions toward DISCLOSURE,
WHY would he now knowingly do all of this to set everything back?!

Think about it. NAB your IMPOSTER and everything else goes away,..
including Rick!

SUGGESTION: Look for former members of a VERY special USAF unit called
the "Air Force Special Activities Center" [AFSAC] that may or may not
have been "disbanded" in 1999 as they claim; that's where your "MIB"
reports originated from.

4) From a PR perspective, you canNOT let this go on much longer without
a forceful PUBLIC announcement -- FIRST to my "UFO Thread List" -- and
then posted on the SERPO.org Web site and then blasted to several
influential online forums/discussion groups, e.g., ATS


use my user/password:
Let me put it to you this way: If another "posting" is on its way via
Fed Ex and gets streamed, then WE have just that much more work to UNdo
the damage being done with every "new posting" and every day which
passes by.

We're in PR quicksand and for every moment that passes by, we go deeper
and deeper and deeper.... making the rescue efforts more difficult.

You don't how badly I wanted to come out TODAY, cut, copy and paste
some of your e-mails (only excerpts for public consumption) and make an
ANNOUNCEMENT. I didn't because you asked me not to, but we must act
SOON,... this is just BS!

5) On the PRO side, we'll STOP the negative flow of information and let
everyone know that UNless it comes from ME -- in the past and in the
future -- it's BOGUS -- and that will effectively STOP the "black
hats" of the DISINO campaign.

6) On the CON side, you'll tip your hat and let "them" know that you
know what they're up to and, by logical extension, probably know the ID
of the IMPOSTER.

7) This is a really touchy and careful balancing act in which you must
weigh and consider ALL possible outcomes in mind,... let me know SOON
what your plans are.

8) When you're out in CA for that national science conference of sorts
with Kit Green (next month?), you should drop me a line, hop on a $60
shuttle flight and fly into Burbank Airport -- NOT LAX! -- where I
would pick you up and then head over to:


where "There's NO substitute for quality!"

[From Sylvester]

I do recall our appreciation for Bills efforts. If he
has been duped by Mr. Doty, it is understandable I
suppose. That man has made a mockery of the truth for
far too long. Despite what he would lead others to
believe, he no longer works in any official capacity.
His interference in OUR disclosure appears to be for
his own personal reasons. It is very sad that Bill has
suffered, likely out of the belief that Doty acted
under official sanction.

I must bring you up to date as well, before we
continue. You see, I have been given a communications
device that permits me to write to you without leaving
a trail. After my last post to you, I found that my
computer had been infected with a program that
secretly sent copies of the letters that were typed to
someone. Who that person was we still do not know.
With this new device, there I have been assured that
my transmissions cannot be intercepted. It is a
difficult devise for me to use, however. The screen
and keys are a bit too small for old eyes and fat
fingers! At least I feel more secure now!

I have been reading a lot about our project on the web
sites where there was discussion. I do not understand
much of what has gone on. Why do these people focus on
Bill? I did understand the parts about the imposter
though. I would have thought that someone would have
guessed my identity by this point. I know of one
person that has and he wrote to my personal email
address. He was very polite and told me that he would
not reveal my identity. I never responded to this
person, but he was intelligent at a level that I
cannot begin to comprehend. He knew much more than I
would have thought possible, but my colleagues tell me
that he is not in the business as far as they could
tell. He has remained true to his word and has not
revealed me to the public.

what to do next is presently beyond my control. I
would like for my superiors to know who the imposter
is with certainty. Once that is done, then they should
allow us to continue. We received the help of a
mysterious benefactor with amazing influence at the
highest levels.

I have passed along a summary of your information in
hopes of expediting the process. Very soon I hope we
can announce the imposters role and that everything
SINCE posting 11 is part of a disinformation campaign
once used by AFOSI. This, alone, points to Doty. We
must be sure though to ensure that we have ferreted
out the true culprit.

I have very little information about the ridiculous
photo called ebenobject. It may have been a hoax to
cause people to disbelieve everything that you and I
posted. When we announce my return, we MUST make it
clear that nothing after December 21 was authentic.

Since Doty is no longer acting officially, I am quite
certain that he created these entries. I have asked
for clarification from a friend who might know for
sure. If we only had the original post to pass along,
the forensics people might be able to identify the
true culprit.

The timing of our announcement must not be delayed for
long. We cannot allow the imposter to continue his
hoax. Tell me your thoughts and I will pass them along
for consideration.

The weather has turned cold again. I look forward to
the springtime. The cherry blossoms will be blooming
in just 6 weeks, or so. I am looking forward to that.

In case we are interfered with again, remember that my
favorite walk is in the tidal basin in April. That
will be our clue. I will remember your hamburgers.

It is getting late. I look forward to your reply and
will read it in the morning.

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