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We present here the first instalment of emails that offer a unique insight into the background of the Project Serpo story. It will also become apparent that the attacks and slurs against the team at this site were nothing more than malicious distractions.
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In this email exchange, Victor and K*** are talking about when/how to break the news about Victor’s ANON being back, in light of Bill Ryan attending the Laughlin conference.

Then Victor forwards it all to the wiz – “his Anon” – begging for a public announcement BEFORE the Laughlin conference so HE – Victor – can demonstrate he is back in control.

Reading this email exchange, it is obvious Victor needs to be the center of attention and will do just about anything to get it.

[From Victor]
PR PROBLEMS: We MUST make the announcement of your return and of
successfully REtaking and REgaining 100% control of "Project SERPO"
into the hands of the Defense Intelligence Agency NO LATER than this:


Here's why: A HUGE, influential UFO conference is taking place from
Saturday, February 25, 2006 - Sunday, March 5, 2006 in Laughlin, NV.

Bill will be representing our cause, but guess who will be there WITH
him as his "handler" and "shadowing" him?! That's right: RICHARD C

If you permit this to happen, this will be WORSE than a "new' POSTING:
People will be so entrenched with Bill in the "driver's seat," that
people will NOT believe that I will once again be in the driver's seat
when you officially return if you wait to announce it until AFTER the

However, if you announce it right BEFORE the start of the conference --
on "Black Friday" February 24, 2006 around 8 a.m., it'll be the TALK of
the conference that "Project SERPO" was hijacked by Satanic elements of
AFOSI from the DIA, a fierce intra-agency cyberspace war ensued and
that the "white hats" of the "black world" emerged victorious.

YOU write the press release -- don't worry about grammar, style and
usage -- I'll rewrite parts of it if necessary, then I'll stream it,
but you must do this SOON. This should be your No. #1 priority for THIS
week. If you concur and do this, the REtaking of "Project SERPO" by the
DIA-6 will be the #1 and hottest topic of discussion at the UFO
Conference,... I guarantee it 100%!

Trust me on this, John!

I, too, like a walk in the tidal basin in April,... in the San Gabriel
Valley River!

[From K**]
Aha. Well, then Kit's not very sharp, then either!
I think that you're right to tell Anon- the sooner the better! Put the
poor blighter out of his misery (Bill that is.)
If he goes to Laughlin and then this breaks he will look an even bigger
ass, or accomplice, as Rick will be there - by his note to Rick.

On Feb 19, 2006, at 6:59 PM, Victor Martinez wrote:
> Because Kit isn't clued in yet,... and because he's wa-a-a-y too
> close wih Rick whom he would tell everything.
> IF I break this story BEFORE Bill goes to Laughlin, he should CANCEL
> altogether. It's up to ANONYMOUS when he wants to make the
> announcement though I told him the sooner the better BEFORE another IMPOSTER
> posting goes out which -- I've been authorized -- will result in my making a
> "9/11" ALERT that EVERYthing Bill has posted is a FRAUD,... it'll
> kill him because MOST still believe MY postings despite their sensational
> presentation style.
> I'll send you one comment right after this so you can see for
> yourself how MOST people feel.

[Link to PDF with headers]

In this email exchange, the wiz tells Victor the “Knighthood” he promised will be Victor’s alone and Victor responds with “WOW – it IS you!”

Victor then gives the wiz more information on why K*** and Bill ended their relationship and what a good woman K*** is.

Victor also is asking the wiz when he can announce to HIS list that certain Serpo postings were done by an imposter, and tells the wiz that the promised photos should be his first priority.

[From Victor]

1) Wow! It IS YOU! "Knighthood" a word only YOU used in reference to
Bill Ryan's good work and deeds on setting up the "Project SERPO" Web

2) I do NOT know how long Bill and K*** were together, but he lost a
GREAT one: K*** has a MA / BA in linguistics from UCLA and San
Francisco State Univ and is the reincarnation of Thomas Jefferson's
wife, Martha Jefferson! Her story of her previous incarnation appears
in the book, "Dear ********."

Because Bill wigged out and took "Project SERPO" too seriously, she's
losing her $1 MILLION Pacific, CA home to the $5,000/mo mortgage
payments; she's working as a substitute teacher now just to make ends
meet without Bill's $80,000/yr salary around,... and all on account of

3) CORRECT: I could NOT have fallen for it and they instructed Bill to
NOT have any contact with me insofar as sharing ANY information because
they knew I would figure it out soon by asking too many probing

4) QUESTION: Are the journal entries "you" provided on 12-21-05 for
POSTING #11 AUTHENTIC, yes or no?

QUESTION: WHEN can I make an announcement to my UFO Thread List, which
will then be immediately posted to the SERPO.org Web site that POSTINGS
#12 #13 and #15 were staged by an IMPOSTER?

QUESTION: What were those weird drafting-like objects supposed to be in
POSTING #15? They were labelled "ebenobject."

QUESTION: WHEN can I tell the group to expect the next stream of
information from you? Days, weeks or late March 2006?

4) Those promised PHOTOS should be your #1 priority. Your e-mail was
compromised, but through a special attachment, I now have the ability
to accept and send PHOTOS masking the sender's ID, so yes, you can send
them to ME DIRECTLY and then I'll forward them on to Bill.

5) Hey, well if you're ever out in L.A., you know I'm always at the
Habit every Friday afternoon between 3:30 - 5 p.m. at 249 N Glendale
Ave, Glendale, CA; call AC-818 246-6095 for directions.

6) REMINDER: Make sure and pickup the Feb/March issue of "UFO Magazine"
for their "Project SERPO Special!" On newsstands SOON!


[From Sylvester]

That knighthood I promised will be yours and yours
alone someday. The forces that work against us grow
careless in their old age. I was quite shocked to read
how easily Bill Ryan could be fooled into serving Mr.
Doty. I gave Bill much more credit than that, although
he would not be the first intelligent person to be
fooled by this master of disinformation.

My colleagues warned me that we would encounter such
treachery. Be hopeful that this is merely an
anticipated setback and NOT an end to our mission.

Our task now is to convince those in charge of our
access to the information that the imposter was an
agent known for disinformation.

I was also saddened by Bill Ryan and his girlfriends
falling out over this incident. Was it her involvement
with Rick Doty that caused it? How long were she and
Bill together? I would not trade the love of a good
woman for all the secrets in the world!

And thank you very much for catching me up on recent
events. There has been much suspicion that the
imposter was working from old documents that were used
in earlier disinformation campaigns. Please pursue the
connection between Project Sigma to any extent
possible. THAT sort of information (the official lies)
are not available to us. They can be accessed by the
power that control us, however, so any guidance I can
provide them with will hasten the approval for us to

Again, I thank you for your trust and hope that we can
enjoy a meal together to celebrate our VICTORY soon!

[Link to PDF with headers]


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