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Reality Uncovered Project Serpo Investigation - Part 1

On 2nd November 2005, Victor Martinez, the moderator of a UFOlogy-related electronic mailing list, posted an email from an anonymous source claiming to be a retired official of the US government. [Read More about the Serpo story]
The facts however paint a rather different picture to the "Exchange Program" outlined above. The majority of the information regarding the Serpo Project has either passed through or is directly from Richard Doty, a person well-known in the field of UFOlogy. Furthermore, the names mentioned in support of the story, specifically Paul McGovern and others, also have links to Richard Doty.

The information contained in this report is thanks originally to an an investigation by four people who came together in an effort to find the truth behind the Serpo story. Now the team comprises of the three staff members of this website with assistance from a number of other people who are all members of the Reality Uncovered forums. They have met much resistance along the way, primarily from people who do not want to see the truth revealed. The main instigator of this has been Victor Martinez, helped enthusiastically by the owner and moderators of the "Open Minds" forum. However, thanks to their hate campaign, there has been a positive effect of this. Tacitus Monroe, the owner of the www.serpo.info website has been conducting his own investigation into Serpo and has also been coming under the same attacks. He has decided to send the hitherto unpublished information he has discovered to the team here at Reality Uncovered. While he has refused to reveal his identity to us, it is thought he is someone very close to the Serpo story, based on the information he has provided.

In this first instalment we will be highlighting a number of emails  that tell their own story. These emails are only the tip of the iceberg. This report will be updated every few hours as we add more information and background data.

We would like to point out that no one here at Reality Uncovered is against disclosure. What we most definitely ARE against are charlatans and frauds who are intent on turning the field of UFOlogy into a laughing stock. Project Serpo falls in this category, and is evidenced by the fact the mainstream UFOlogy sector has left well alone.

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Last Updated: 07/06/2006


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