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Reality Uncovered Project Serpo Investigation - Part 4

This is a continuation of the release of information that has been gathered during the long investigation into the Project Serpo story by Reality Uncovered. Part 4 uncovers the lies and manipulation undertaken by the people involved in this story and also displays how easy it is to catch these people out.
Richard Doty, as we already know from part's 1 and 2 of this investigation, is one of the principal players in this saga. He has a long running relationship with Bob Collins, the author of the book "Exempt from Disclosure". Doty is accredited with co-authoring the first edition of the book and is listed as a contributor in the 2nd Edition.

Caught in a lie
According to the book Exempt from Disclosure and other sources, Richard Doty claims to have passed the New Mexico State Bar Examination (Page 96 1st Edition, Page 91 2nd Edition). Dr. Michael Salla wrote recently that Doty "more recently finished law school and completed the New Mexico State Bar Exam" - basing the statement on the book EfD.

Jakereason, moderator of the OM forum and a big supporter of the Serpo story recently had this to say about Doty:

"Certainly there are many flaws in Serpo. And Doty's past causes "common-sense" concern. However Doty has a tidy pension, no worries for money. Also, I've learned that Rick Doty has quite recently passed the Bar. And may begin practicing law soon. For a man to become a lawyer in his latter third of life is most unusual and commendable! It doesn't make sense that Doty's motivation behind support of Serpo is disinformation, when one looks at where he is in life.

It makes more sense to me that Doty is trying to get any truth out that he can. By becoming a lawyer he has given himself a tool to fight with. I think he may well have grown (matured) to a point that; with his contacts and counter intelligence experience, law degree and lots of time (retired), he is now in a unique position to aid the White Hats (pro-disclosure) it their fight against the Black Hats (hush-up camp) for public Disclosure

Clearly, the claim made in the book is intended to make people think that Doty has "turned the corner" and he is now one of the good guys in the field of UFOlogy. Oh by the way Jake, Doty has not retired and is a Sergeant with the New Mexico State Police.

The claim is not only restricted to the book. I recently asked Bill Ryan if he knew whether Doty was a lawyer and he replied that he thought he was based on telephone conversations with him and also that he had once given him free legal advice. When I asked for clarification, he replied that a number of times Rick had said he was with clients in court when telephoned by Bill.

There is a huge problem with this claim however. Richard Doty is not a lawyer and has never even attended Law School. We, along with other, independent researchers, recently contacted the New Mexico State Bar Association AND the NM State Bar Examination Board. Both of these organisations said they had never heard of Richard Doty and that he had never sat the Bar, let alone been accepted by the Bar Association.

This information was recently the subject of an online debate between the investigators of Reality Uncovered and Bob Collins. Collins was helped on his side of the (false) argument by a small number of willing helpers. They resorted to disgusting personal attacks and outright lying in an attempt to convince everyone on the watching email list that he (Collins) was telling the truth and we were the nasty disclosure busters. It didn't work. Every single claim made by Collins was shown to be false and in the end Collins was  forced to back away from both his original AND subsequent false statements.

After realising they had been busted on the Lawyer claim, they attempted to pour water on the fire by declaring that the inclusion of the statement in the book was actually a mistake by Collins. Collins claimed Doty had not had time to proof-read the manuscript to correct the "mistake". Wait a minute guys! The statement was included in BOTH editions of the book. The 1st Edition was published in April 2005, the 2nd Edition in April of this year. He didn't have time to proof-read the book!?

The new and improved claim was that Doty had not yet passed the Bar but HAD attended Law School in 2003. Guess what. Yep, this was yet another bare-faced lie and very easily provable by contacting the University of New Mexico registrar office. Not only had he not attended Law School in 2003, he had NEVER attended Law School! Click here to see a copy of the fax received by Pat Trainor, the registrar at UNM.

Unperturbed by the fact that they had once again been caught red-handed, they now said it was actually an online law school and they would not be revealing which one it was. How convenient for them. Trouble is, not one single online Law School has been accredited by the New Mexico State Bar Association. What now guys?

Simple, the new claim is that Doty did attend the University of New Mexico and received a degree in POLITICAL SCIENCES. What!? Yes, that's right: Political Sciences.

What the heck does a degree in political sciences have to do with claiming to be a lawyer?

It should be obvious to most people reading this, that nothing these guys say can be taken seriously. Why lie about having a law degree? The answer is simple: manufacture credibility. The M.O. of these people from day one.

(While Victor Martinez likes to claim the Reality Uncovered forum is a place frequented by "carnival-like freaks", the actual truth of the matter is very different to his infantile remarks.)

One forum member, "Bluetilespook" is an ex-naval intelligence operator with extensive experience in matters of security and Intel. Here is his considered opinion on Doty's shenanigans:

"If Doty and the rest wanted to run this as a "civilianized secret operation", they sure screwed it up big time. I am glad that this whole ordeal is being exposed for the hoax that it is (IMO) and that they have left many people with a decent paper trail for tracking everything and everyone down, but it sure doesn't say much for the skill set of the "black OPs" person (as many call him) that is involved. Doty should have his figurative ass kicked for giving the rest of us in the INTEL community a virtual black eye and making us look stupid by not being able to run a simple OP like this.


Doty, you are a big boy. If you don't know what it means, read up on it. Or call me. I'm sure you can get my phone number. *Snorts*

Here is an email received by another forum member who followed the recent email exchange:

"I found that that cal bar site does offer credit for those who use correspondence law schools, but you have to take extra exams during your law school career to do this... and most of them can only give you one year of law school credit.


Still.. if Rick Doty has a law degree, why is it so hard for him to prove and shut you up? Did MIBS steal his diploma and hide it under Dan Burisch's?

Of course, you could search each state bar and make a list of correspondence law schools recognized by each state and call each of them to see if Rick Doty had received a degree from there. Of course, then it would turn out that he got his degree from a correspondence school in Paraguay and had become in a lawyer in that country by having limbo'd under an Eben Oak tree during a full moon.

I suspect he meant that he's a lawyer on Serpo and took the correspondence class through space AND time, such that he had actually finished law school before he even started... which makes sense, because I've never met someone who actually completed the rigors of law school that wasn't proud to tell you exactly what school they graduated from and when."

Indeed! The following pages contain the actual statements made by all of the people involved in the online email exchange and illustrate perfectly what lengths these people will go to when "defending" their false stories. ZT


Read the emails and accompanying information

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Last Updated: 22/06/2006


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