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Reality Uncovered Project Serpo Investigation - Part 8

This is a continuation of the release of information that has been gathered during the long investigation into the Project Serpo story by Reality Uncovered. Part 8 includes some interesting information regarding the interaction between the admins of this site and Bill Ryan.

There are quite a number of people who have been involved with the Serpo story, both behind the scenes and in full public view. Victor Martinez and Bill Ryan are the two main people who have been in the spotlight from the onset, Victor by way of his email list and Bill by virtue of his publishing of the "Official" Serpo website. This release concentrates on the latter.

5 across: Another name for a charlatan (6 letters).

I was recently reading Bill Ryan's official Serpo website. Knowing what I do about the Serpo story, I must say it isn't an easy read. It is interesting to see what Bill has to say for himself, however.

For instance, we see the following on page 6 of the PDF available here.
It has been alleged that the information sent to Victor in the first e-mail (the only one he did not delete) comes from Rick Doty’s computer. The IP addresses appear to be similar, and e-mails from Paul McGovern at that time also show the same IP address. However, Doty strenuously denies any fabrication (see http://serpo.org/updates.html) and considering that Doty possesses extremely strong technical computer skills, it is very doubtful that he would have knowingly left his computer’s “fingerprints” all over this “crime scene” when these would have been so very easy for him to disguise had he wanted or needed to.

Firstly, for those who question our analysis of the IP information contained in these emails, here we have Bill Ryan admitting that the Doty, Sylvester and Paul McGovern emails are all linked via identical or very similar IP addresses. We also have Victor admitting the same in our Expose Part 2.

Despite this, Bob Collins continues to act oblivious to these facts and continues to trot out the tired and false statement that the IP addresses do not match. Curious, no?

Upon reading Bill's comments above however, we see that he has an answer ready to counter this inescapable conclusion. He claims that Doty "possesses extremely strong technical computer skills..." I beg your pardon? Where is your evidence for such a claim? Because he said so? No Bill, it doesn't work like that. Everything we have seen regarding Rick Doty's IT capabilities suggests the exact opposite is indeed the case! How anyone, especially you Bill, can take Rick Doty's word for anything is beyond the realms of simple gullibility. I seem to remember you saying you believed Doty to be a lawyer because he told you so himself and wasn't to do with anything you had read. We all know the truth of that particular matter now, don't we...

Bills quote continues:
...it is very doubtful that he would have knowingly left his computer’s “fingerprints” all over this “crime scene” when these would have been so very easy for him to disguise had he wanted or needed to.

Yes, it would have been very easy to disguise. One only has to look at the fake anonymous episode to realise that. This assumes however that one knows what one is doing. Rick Doty clearly miscalculated when he thought he could use web-based email servers to disguise his fingerprints. He also thought that using Victor Martinez and his simple WebTV system would also further disguise his digital identity. He very clearly didn't count on Victor forwarding the emails to all and sundry, enabling THEM to check the headers for IP information!

Remember the email where "Sylvester" asks Victor to delete ALL of his correspondence because of problems at the DIA? IF Sylvester truly were an agent of the DIA, he would have realised that all the Government would have to do is subpoena Microsoft (The owners of WebTV) for copies of ALL the emails sent to Victor from Sylvester's account, irrespective of whether Victor had deleted them or not. All ISP's are required by law to keep backups of everything that goes through their servers.

Rick had by this point obviously realised that his digital ID was all over everything he had sent to Victor from his various email accounts and he was trying to cover his tracks. Too late.

Rick's technical IT skills are further shown in their true light thanks to his amusing exchanges with Tacitus Monroe. He mistakenly thought Tacitus was an AOL user based on his own shoddy analysis of the email headers, and also thought at various times that Tacitus was Russian and probably based in New Jersey. Rick Doty an expert in the world of IT? We think not.

Bill's comments continue:
Bill Ryan Far more likely is that knowing his reputation (c.f. the Bennewitz affair of the early 1980s) his details would have been inserted into the forensic history of the releases as plausible deniability; IP addresses can be cloned and fabricated with sophisticated software. In other words, if anything went wrong with the planned release, Doty as a scapegoat (patsy) was at hand at whom to conveniently point the finger.

A considerable measure of intelligence and understanding of how the intelligence world functions must be used when considering the real source of the materials.

What Bill fails to mention in the above quote is the fact that cloning and other methods of inserting IP addresses into email headers can be very easily detected. The emails in question have not been tampered with by anyone at anytime. Quite simply, they came from Richard Doty. Plausible deniability is a convenient phrase for the lazy and the deluded.

His patronising comments regarding intelligence and understanding can be turned around and used against him. Substitute "intelligence world" for "real world".

Bill has always gone to great lengths to protect the Identity of Rick Doty from the public. He has known from a very early stage that his information was coming from Rick Doty, not some anonymous entity from deep within the DIA, but directly from Rick. He attempts to explain this away by saying the anonymous sources were using Rick as a conduit for the information flow (plausible deniability eh?).

A bizarre example of this "protection" can be found in events at the Laughlin UFO conference earlier this year. Posting #16 (The "Eben" writing sample) is prefaced with the following comment:
Note by BR: This posting was received by myself while at the Laughlin UFO Congress, Nevada. There are two parts:

At the same time as receiving the writing sample, Bill also received a further instalment of the Team Commanders log and some photos. Bill has stated that he received this information in a manila envelope left for him at the hotel reception desk. Such intrigue!

Would you Like to know who left the envelope for Bill? Of course you would, it was Bill himself!

He had already received the envelope from Rick Doty but didn't want to give anyone watching the opportunity of linking Bill and the information with Rick so he concocted a ridiculous plan. Bill arrived at the hotel well in advance of Rick and went to the reception desk to leave the envelope for himself to collect a little later - obviously when the receptionists had changed shift. He collected the envelope at a time when Rick was still in the air on the way to the conference. Thus, for anyone watching
and taking notes (!), there would be no way for them to tie-in the envelope with Rick and make the connection. Great plan! That is, until you tell people about it. Doh!

Of course, it won't surprise you to learn the Eben writing sample and the photos received from Rick are known fakes. Didn't Bill find this a little odd? It's not the first time that Rick has done this either. He sent Victor a series of photos and also claimed those as being authentic. He even concocted a silly side-story which had an insider actually selling the photos for thousands of dollars and as result of this was wanted by the authorities. The photos in question are from the infamous "Nashville UFO" incident - yet another proven hoax.

Bill's propensity for stretching the truth can be found elsewhere on the "official" site.

On the updates page, contained within some outrageous comments we see the following:
One thing is clear: Broadbent, Dube and Connolly appear to believe that Serpo is a hoax which in their opinion – which they are keen to persuade others to believe – is entirely perpetrated by Doty. The agenda of Reality Uncovered is to argue this case.

However, this is conjecture – and has much to do with the belief systems of the individuals concerned, supported by their interpretation of the very limited amount of evidence to which they have access. It needs to be explained that none of the four are privy to any important information emerging from the “Insider” community.

A finer example of patronising you will never see. Bill professes both to know our belief systems (which couldn't be more disparate if you tried!) and that we only have access to a very limited amount of evidence.

Bill, you would be SO surprised to discover just how much evidence we have, and exactly WHO we have been talking with. There is so much going on behind the scenes that I suspect you would be uncomfortably surprised at how far we have come. For the record though, our knowledge that Serpo is a hoax can hardly be called conjecture. It is based on solid, hard, verifiable evidence. Anyone truly hoping to discover the truth can see that for themselves by simply reading what we have to say - It speaks for itself.

You may be wondering what the title of this article means. Read on and all will be explained...

Also at the above updates page:
Kerry Cassidy and I have been told that more information will be released later in the year “once certain problems have been dealt with”. I know nothing of the progress of these initiatives or whether the referenced problems have been handled… or not. I have heard nothing for quite a while. Like all observers, I am waiting; and, like all observers, I want to see those photos… again.

Elsewhere we read that no one knows if and when posting will resume, or what will be released when it does. I find it extremely surprising that Bill Ryan doesn't have more to say on this issue - he should know.

He told me and fellow RU admin Ryan some information that is quite staggering when one takes it in the correct context. We had shared with Bill a lot of the information we had on Doty, at a time when we still thought that Bill had nothing to do with this story.

Bill always had an answer or excuse for our questions and statements regarding Doty and what we
knew about a number of pertinent issues. When he realised that he couldn't simply talk away Doty's involvement in the Serpo hoax any longer (believe me, he tried!), he finally admitted that Doty was indeed involved and in fact was acting as a conduit for the information. It actually went a lot deeper than that.

He actually said that Doty had already been sent hundreds of encrypted Serpo-related documents and they were sitting on Doty's computer waiting to be decrypted! We were naturally stunned when he told us this so we asked him how he could be so sure that Doty was telling the truth.

He replied that he had no doubt of this. You see, one night he spoke with Rick on the phone and Rick was struggling with an incredibly difficult puzzle related to one of the documents. According to Bill, Rick had to solve a series of questions to gain access to the actual document. He said Rick's puzzlement and frustration was palpable and totally impossible to fake on the phone over any length of time. He said they both struggled for over half an hour with the particular question until Bill eventually found the answer using Google. Rick's relief was enormous and quite simply not something that could be faked...

Hmm Bill, have you stopped to consider that you were quite possibly helping Rick with a particularly difficult crossword question...? Gullible or culpable? I know what I think.

So, all of you people waiting patiently for the next release of information; Rick may need a little help with his crossword puzzle... ZT


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Last Updated: 26/09/2006


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