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Reality Uncovered Project Serpo Investigation - Part 4

This is a continuation of the release of information that has been gathered during the long investigation into the Project Serpo story by Reality Uncovered. Part 4 uncovers the lies and manipulation undertaken by the people involved in this story and also displays how easy it is to catch these people out.
Richard Doty, as we already know from part's 1 and 2 of this investigation, is one of the principal players in this saga. He has a long running relationship with Bob Collins, the author of the book "Exempt from Disclosure". Doty is accredited with co-authoring the first edition of the book and is listed as a contributor in the 2nd Edition.

Caught in a lie - The Proof
The following email excerpts are from a recent online debate between the investigators of Reality Uncovered and Bob Collins. Collins was helped on his side of the (false) argument by a small number of willing helpers. They resorted to disgusting personal attacks and outright lying in an attempt to convince everyone on the watching email list that he (Collins) was telling the truth and we were the nasty disclosure busters. It didn't work. Every single claim made by Collins was shown to be false and in the end Collins was  forced to back away from both his original AND subsequent false statements. The emails are in chronological order and include clarifying comments. The whole email exchange will be archived and downloadable as a zip file shortly.

Important passages are highlighted in red. We recommend reading all of the following information in order to gain a complete understanding of the games these people play in order to convince others of their authenticity.

The first email is an exchange between Bob Collins and Reality Uncovered staff member Shawnna Connolly. The conversation was initially about Collins misrepresenting the IP information contained in the emails displayed in parts 1 and 2 of this investigation, but soon expanded to include the bogus Lawyer information.

Thu 15/06/2006 19:59

I don't need to be there to know you don't know what you are talking about when it comes to analyzing IP headers.

Nor do I need to be there to know that you published FALSE information in your EfD first edition about Rick C. Doty being a lawyer when in fact he's never passed a bar exam.

You seem to be making a habit of pushing forward misleading and/or false information. Perhaps you'd like to share why?

-------------- Original message --------------
From: Mc <Figaro@donet.com>
That's a proclamation, are you here? Know all about me? NO and it shows sorry to say.......Rmc

shawnna141@comcast.net wrote:
Why do you continue to promulgate what has been PROVEN to be bollocks?

Bob Collins doesn't know anything about analyzing IP headers. He would be well-served to defer to the experts that do as he is making an idiot of himself with respect to this.

Bob Collins makes a sweeping generalisation that is a) wrong and b) irrelevant.

Thu 15/06/2006 23:02

You don't know what you're talking about when it comes to headers or Rick Doty for that matter. Been in the Computer business since my days at FTD (Foreign Technology Div-WP) 1982 and known Rick since 1987. And you have no access to Rick's records which I do. They are not for public display nor are mine......Rmc

Shawnna repeats the question.

Thu 15/06/2006 23:55

And in addition to spewing this misleading and inaccurate information, you have also promulgated FALSIFIED information regarding Rick Doty's lawyer credentials.

I'll state my question again - why do you continue to promulgate false, misleading and inaccurate information?

The first lie: Collins claims to have the records to support the lawyer claim.

Fri 16/06/2006 00:27

shawnna141@comcast.net wrote:
And with respect to "data" regarding the FACT that you have falsely stated that Rick Doty is a lawyer, are you now saying you did NOT state that in the first edition of your EfD book, and that Michael Salla is lying when he says he got that information from your book?

How do you know that was false? I have the records you don't.........Rmc

Quite trying to avoid the question, Mr. Collins. It really is a very simple question - why do you continue to promulgate false, misleading and inaccurate information?

Avoid questions? You have no facts to back up your statements......Rmc

I explain that we do indeed have the facts to backup our argument. This obviously goes unheeded.

Fri 16/06/2006 00:43

The NM State Bar Association has no record of Rick Doty and neither does the Examination Board. Other searches have shown similar results.
This has been verified by three different sources, including a moderator at the Open Minds forum.

The lawyer information was published in EfD on page 96 of the first edition, but doesn't appear to be in the second edition.


At the same time I was posting the above, Shawnna reaffirms the point.

Fri 16/06/2006 00:43

With respect to Doty's law credentials, the New Mexico bar has never heard of him when contacted regarding this public information. If you have documentation that Mr. Doty has indeed passed the New Mexico bar exam, I'd like to see it.

I'm sure you know it is against the LAW to falsely claim to be a member of a state bar association. And frankly, if you don't provide PROOF of your claim that Mr. Doty has indeed passed the New Mexico bar exam, I will be forced to report this to the proper authorities.

Jakereason, who has nothing to do with this discussion and who by this time KNOWS FULL WELL that Doty's Lawyer claims are false,*  attempts to deflect from the actual issue and even goes so far as to accuse Shawnna of witchcraft and dementia! Despicable.

Fri 16/06/2006 01:08

Mr. Collins,

In the last couple days, Shawnna has posted her interest in Witchcraft publicly on the RU forum. She further says she is for Love & Truth. By this recent foray, she has obviously shown little understanding of the meaning of love. Her's is always selective & conditional. We at the Open Minds Forum have had to Ban her three times for her confrontational & disrespectful postings. We have come to know that she thrives off confrontation. Your responses therefore feed her dementia. It may be prudent for you to simply end all exchange with her.

Rick W. Davis

*Chris Iversen, moderator at the OM forum had conducted his own research into Doty's claims and found them to be false. It seems it doesn't matter to Jakereason.

As quickly becomes the norm, Collins makes a fool of himself wrt our investigation and claims no one can get access to this particular information. Umm, yes you can.

Fri 16/06/2006 01:39

With respect to Doty's law credentials, the New Mexico bar has never heard of him when contacted regarding this public information. If you have documentation that Mr. Doty has indeed passed the New Mexico bar exam, I'd like to see it. (Shawnna)

Because of privacy rules you can not make information available to the public on demand. You just can't get information when you demand it. And as I said before, that private information is not made available to the public just like his Lie Detector Test results all of which I have here......Rmc

I'm sure you know it is against the LAW to falsely claim to be a member of a state bar association. And frankly, if you don't provide PROOF of your claim that Mr. Doty has indeed passed the New Mexico bar exam, I will be forced to report this to the proper authorities. (Shawnna)

Report away......Rmc

Collins explains that the lawyer claim is also available in the 2nd edition of EfD. Thanks for that ;)
He also seems to think he knows everything there is to know regarding public access to information. Wrong again.

Fri 16/06/2006 01:48

The NM State Bar Association has no record of Rick Doty and neither does the Examination Board. Other searches have shown similar results. This has been verified by three different sources, including a moderator at the Open Minds forum. (Zep)

Under privacy rules you are not allowed access to that information without the permission of Rick Doty. They will simple say they can't find any files......Rmc

The lawyer information was published in EfD on page 96 of the first edition, but doesn't appear to be in the second edition. (Zep)

See page 91.....Rmc

Collins gets it wrong again and makes 2 false claims.

Fri 16/06/2006 02:51

Regardless, Rick was in Law school and he did pass the bars, there are no false claims....

Jerry Pippin jumps into the fray by first asking a reasonable question, then responding angrily at the response. Does he think we make baseless accusations? Obviously Jerry isn't bothered about the credibility issue at all.

Fri 16/06/2006 03:20

Why don't you call the Bar Association and ask them if he is a member of the bar?

Fri 16/06/2006 03:23
LOL - that is EXACTLY what we have done and their response was an unequivocal NO. (Shawnna)

Fri 16/06/2006 03:26
Well then why in the hell are you asking him...just trying to make trouble. go get a life

Brian Parks, who has absolutely nothing to do with the exchange decides to arrogantly jump in and offer his own unwanted and baseless comments into the arena.

16/06/2006 03:41

With all due respect Shawnna, I have read some of your RU posting on MJ-12, Aviary, ect.....and find you a most clueless person on these topics. Just re-posting the false and misleading ramblings of others who were not in a position to know the people or circumstances involved is not research. I don't know why anyone bothers?

Nor me, Brian

Jakereason once again puts his nose in just as thing look to be getting tough for his "band of brothers". This person truly has no moral fibre whatsoever. I repeat, he already knew that Doty did not have a law degree. Anyone care to guess his motivation in all of this? Whatever it is, he is a transparent manipulator and distorter of the truth.

Fri 16/06/2006 03:45
Mr. Rick Doty,

Rick Davis here (Jake Reason-OM Moderator) Victor can vouch for me personally. Bill Ryan is also (internet) acquainted with me. This Shawnna Connolly, is the very same person who has utilized an email address "rickcdoty@----.com to log on to our Forum. Can't remember if it's hotmail or yahoo. (We've got records). Who knows what how she may have utilized this email address. She lives either in or just outside Seattle, Wash. She is also the same person who crossed the boarder last month into Canada and conducted a Video Taped interview with Mr. Webre of ICIS (in Vancouver, Canada) under an alias maiden name, not being her legally registered name in the US, in order to clandestinely cover her identity. All can be confirmed.

Should you wish any further details, your enquiry will be welcome.

Jerry Pippin decides to make a veiled threat and makes a ludicrous suggestion. What's your game Jerry? Do you honestly think we don't know who we are dealing with here? Let me give you a tip: you've been had ;) These people have gotten away with intimidating tactics for far too long. We will NOT be intimated by these bozos.

Fri 16/06/2006 04:00

No respect necessary ... if you are so concerned about breaking laws, maybe you should turn yourself in...I know a lot about some strange false pretenses you have been engaged in the Pacific Northwest and if I were you I would just stop while you are ahead. I am really not interested in any of this other than to point out that you need to get a new hobby this one of being an irritant is getting pretty old. A 52 year old woman from Seattle really needs to do something else besides try to play with big boys, some of these people on this list have histories that would make me think twice about challenging them in public. .. You are not going to get a fight with me, over anybody. I am just sitting here with my popcorn enjoying the show.

With all due respect, Mr. Pippin, it is my obligation to report those who may be engaging in the unauthorized practice of law (which includes holding one's self out as a lawyer when you are not).

I would hope that every other law abiding citizen would do the same! (Shawnna)

Realising that we have checked with the NM State Bar Association, Bob Collins steams headlong into yet another lie.

Fri 16/06/2006 04:39

Rick and I just spent an hour and half on the phone and I just got off. I made a mistake on page 91. Rick said he hadn't taken his bar exams. That in the state of New Mexico it isn't required as long as you practice with another lawyer who had taken the bar examines if I understood that correctly. He did however graduate from Law School at the University of New Mexico in 2003. At some point in the future Rick said he plans to take the bar examines. Pass this around if you want.

I make the obvious point...

Fri 16/06/2006 04:58

Credibility? What credibility?

This gets better and better. I cannot believe there are people around who despite everything are still prepared to listen to anything these guys say. How much longer can this go on before the inevitable implosion?

Rick Doty enters the discussion.

Fri 16/06/2006 05:01

If I wish to provide information regarding my occupation, background and education, I'll do it myself. I don't need anyone speaking for me.

No one has gotten it right yet.

Bob Collins keeps on digging that hole! It seems we've hit a nerve here. At least he gets in another plug for his book...

Fri 16/06/2006 05:12

Credibility? Have you ever admitted an error? From your attitude I don't think so. It was also said they couldn't find any records of Rick attending Law School. And back to Credibility, the History Channel will do a one hour special called Hangar 18 scheduled for the fall of 2006. They will use the book Chapter on Wright-Patterson AFB for that show....Rmc

And back to Rick, getting a little agitated now.

Fri 16/06/2006 05:17

Hey, let me be my own spokesperson. I'll speak for myself. Everyone else, shut up about me!

Rick doesn't understand that taking part in online radio interviews or writing magazine articles tends to put you in the public eye.

Fri 16/06/2006 05:34

I never placed myself on a podium, others have. But, just remember, everyone can be placed on a podium without wanting to be there!

----- Original Message -----
From: Zep Tepi

Hey, that's what you get when you put yourself on a podium.

Bob Collins makes the patently absurd suggestion that Rick Doty never had a chance to proof-read the manuscript and correct the "error". A full year between both editions was not enough!?

Fri 16/06/2006 05:38

Enough of this, that's the way it was understood at the time in 2003. I added the last couple sentences. He never got a chance to proof read it.....Rmc

Shawnna once again proves the value of thorough and proper research and discovers this latest claim made by Doty and Collins is also untrue.

Fri 16/06/2006 20:26

Good afternoon everyone!
Today I verified with Pat Trainor, the Registrar at University of New Mexico School of Law that Richard C. Doty was NOT a graduate in the class of 2003.
Perhaps Mr. Doty is confused about the graduation year? I'm happy to follow up again if that's the case.

Brendan Burton, the admin at the OM forum shows once again exactly on which side of the fence he sits by attempting to distract from the facts and launches into a personal attack on someone who is shedding light on the murky games being played by these people. How very predictable and transparent of you. If anyone needs any proof of his motives, well here it is.

Tue 20/06/2006 19:25
Shawnna (aka 'Lynn' aka 'Huffy The Serpo Slayer' aka... who knows?), stop meddling and threatening people and get over yourself, ok?
The Crusades happened a long time ago - and your latest Jihad against everyone involved in the 'Serpo' saga is seen by most rational sceptics as nothing more than a zealous over-reaction with no rational basis, other than your own personal issues.

You are usurping the term of scepticism and replacing it with what Truzzi called 'pseudo-skepticism'. I suggest anyone who has not read this excellent article by the late founder of CSICOP - turned progressive open minded sceptic, takes time out to do so.. It sums up in a succinct manner the machinations behind groups such as the 'meddlers' / the GoF and other groups of self- righteous 'skeptics'-in-disguise.

When you find your 'hoax' or 'hoaxer' and have, what we true sceptics call "proof" ( i.e., not your personal subjective beliefs and anecdotal evidence), then get back to us. But in the meantime, let me remind you, NOTHING has been PROVEN , either way - so put down your lynch and kindling, and loosen up a bit will ya?

Shawnna counters in the best way possible - with the FACTS.

Tue 20/06/2006 19:37

"Proven" information related to Serpo includes:

1. Rick Doty is the source/conduit of all Serpo releases
2. Rick Doty has misrepresented his law degree, as well as his law school graduation information.
3. Rick Doty has also developed a documented and well-known reputation for instigating disinformation and deception in this field.

Are you saying that others involved in this seemingly never-ending hoax should NOT be subject to the same scrutiny in light of the lack of actual evidence?

Yet more distractions from Bren. He's getting quite agitated in his response, I wonder why? Hey, need more proof? Read both pages of this very report - there's your proof.

Tue 20/06/2006 21:07

Huh? *Where* is the proof about Rick Doty misleading people about his law degree? I think a mix up in EfD is all that was. Not sure where Rick has claimed such himself. Evidence, please. And so a professional disinfo agent mislead some people in the course of duty - woo! Call the cops! Hello? That was his *job*! Are you going to send a Jihad out against all law enforcement agents because they mislead people on matter of national security? Please... Rick Doty bit my dog. So WHAT!!

Bob Collins continues the deception and gets it totally and utterly wrong! They clearly think anything they say will simply be believed by those that want to believe so they go into head-in-sand-and-repeat mode. Pathetic.

20/06/2006 21:34

The only mistake was about the bar exam. The Law School part was accurate as is the rest of it since Rick had proof- read his own Chapter and gave it back to me. As for Law School they won't verify anything over the phone. The student has to sign a release. As for Disinfo Rick will tell you he left that business in 1988. And for SERPO, the same lies are being spread.

Shawnna tells it like it is, backed up by facts as always.

Tue 20/06/2006 21:52

Dr. Salla confirmed via email to me that he based his report of Doty's law credentials in this article:


on the information contained within the Exempt from Disclosure book.
Rick Doty is listed as a "contributor" to EfD. See this link:


On page 96 of the first edition, AND page 91 of the second edition, Mr. Doty is touted as having a law degree. In a recent painful email exchange, Mr. Collins finally acknowledged his "error" with respect to including Mr. Doty's law credentials - but he did indicate that Mr. Doty graduated in 2003 from University of New Mexico School of Law.

After talking to Pat Trainor - the Registrar at this University - she indicated that no one by the name of 'Doty' was in the 2003 graduating class - regardless of what Mr. Collins may say about this.

As you can see, it is imperative for those who report information in books or articles to be sure it is accurate. And if it is later found to be inaccurate - to issue a correction. I've not heard anything from Mr. Collins about his plans to issue a correction to the inaccurate information within his book.

With respect to Mr. Doty's chosen career path - that of disinformation and deception agent - that certainly is his choice. But I question the judgement of those behind this hoax with respect to choosing HIM to be the source/conduit for the releases, given his career path.

Bob Collins issues a statement that beggars belief. Rick Doty shows his true colours and flat out LIES to Collins and insults Shawnna. If anyone needs an example of how these people do business, here you have it. Utterly despicable. What these idiots don't realise is Shawnna has already received confirmation that they are continuing to LIE.

Tue 20/06/2006 23:10
I don't know who Pat Trainor is but from what Rick said below she could of just been following policy by denying there was such a person. They don't release information over the phone so they deny the person which makes perfect sense or NO records. Past this onto Salla.....Rmc

RICK DOTY wrote:
Bob, she has shit for brains. Besides, the register's office never received a call from her. She made it up. They don't release information over the phone.

Shawnna sticks to the FACTS of this case and refuses to lower herself to the disgusting level of these two "insiders".

Tue 20/06/2006 23:24

Unlike Mr. Doty - I do NOT make up information. And any thinking individual knows that this kind of information is readily available as numerous entities must verify an individual's stated credentials.

On Friday, June 16, 2006, I called the University of New Mexico's School of Law and Pat Trainor, the Registrar, researched whether or not Richard C. Doty was a graduate in 2003. It took about 3 minutes of being on hold before she confirmed that NO - in fact - Mr. Doty was NOT a graduate in 2003.

And given Mr. Doty's continued effort at deception on this - I will get this information in WRITING from the University and publish it for all to see.

Bob Collins continues to make stuff up. The following is simply taken out of thin air.

Tue 20/06/2006 23:27

They don't give out information over the phone, the lady took 3 minutes to double check that. They don't information out over the phone, that's policy.....Rmc

I am left astounded at the level of duplicity these guys go to! How can ANYONE believe ANYTHING these guys have to say!?

Tue 20/06/2006 23:36

FFS, you guys really take the biscuit!
Richard Doty you are a liar. Bob Collins, you are no better.

There was no denial you bumbling idiots and all you have to do to verify is ring the place!

They were asked a very simple question which has absolutely nothing to do with revealing private information. I honestly can't believe you two fools have gotten away with fooling the UFO community for this long.

Collins, what did you say about the New Mexico State Bar Association not revealing "private" information? WRONG! You really have no clue, no clue whatsoever.

So, tell me Mr. Doty: How come you've pretended to be a lawyer in front of Bill Ryan? Come on, I'd like to hear your answer. You and Collins both claim there was a mistake in putting that information in the book. Was it a mistake with Bill also?

You guys are unbelievable, totallu un-f'in-believable!

Grasping at straws. Pathetic.

Tue 20/06/2006 23:45

UNM says they don't. Jerry Pippin says they don't. Victor's school won't and there are many others...Rmc

Zep Tepi wrote:
Guess what stupid, they most certainly DO!

Mc <Figaro@donet.com> wrote:
They don't give out information over the phone, the lady took 3 minutes to double check that. They don't information out over the phone, that's policy.....Rmc

Bob Collins responding to my rant above. He should be a magician the amount of stuff he manages to conjure up out of thin air. He has the nerve to accuse us of lying!?

Tue 20/06/2006 23:51

The Liar is the one accusing the others. You can not get school records about someone over the phone at UNM, that trash talk is just that trash.....about the lowest level one could sink.....Rmc

The conjuring continues...

Tue 20/06/2006 23:54

Now you're lying because the office is closed and has been closed for awhile...Rmc

shawnna141@comcast.net wrote:
In fact, I just got off the phone AGAIN with Pat Trainor who was quite curious about why they have had four inquiries about Mr. Doty's claim to be a graduate.

Shawnna responds to Collins post (two above) and explains the situation

Tue 20/06/2006 23:56

Mr. Collins - we are not asking for school records - we are asking the school to verify an individual's claim to be a graduate. Or perhaps you do not understand the difference?

Shawnna counters Collins ridiculous claim that the office was closed(!)

Wed 21/06/2006 00:00

You ARE desperate now aren't you? Who is motivated to LIE here, Mr. Collins?

I have no book that contains false information that needs correcting.

I have not lied to friends about my education credentials.

Who is truly motivated to lie in this situation, Mr. Collins?

-------------- Original message --------------
From: Mc <Figaro@donet.com>
Now you're lying because the office is closed and has been closed for awhile...Rmc

Ryan, also a staff member at Reality Uncovered explains the situation as it is, not how Collins wants it to be.

Wed 21/06/2006 00:04

Mr. Collins - you are correct in that schools won't release student records (grades, classes taken, etc.), but they are more than willing to identify individuals/ alumni who have graduated from their institution. Some schools even maintain lists/yearbooks with all of the names of graduates in each of the graduating classes - those are usually kept in the University library.

Brian Parks shows his ability to grasp the situation when responding to Brendan Burton's distraction post way above [/sarcasm]

Wed 21/06/2006 00:20

Good Post!

I am printing the article. I have no problem with rational skepticism.

Just don't expect these people to learn anything!

(We've learned a lot Mr. Parks, thank you very much)

Collins responds to Ryan's post above with more nonsense

Wed 21/06/2006 00:27

You're correct about that. But UNM won't release information over the phone according to Rick and that's the school he attended...Rmc

The final nail in the coffin of their bogus claims. How more definitive does it need to be??

Wed 21/06/2006 17:41

I now have in my possession a letter on University of New Mexico letterhead from Patricia Trainor, Ph.D - the Assistant Dean for Registration & Records that states:

"This letter is to verify that Richard Doty did not graduate from the University of New Mexico School of Law in 2003 nor did he graduate in any other year prior to or after 2003. There are no records to indicate that he was ever admitted to the law program now that he was ever enrolled as a student with the University of New Mexico School of Law."

This letter will be posted at http://www.realityuncovered.com shortly.

Our investigation into the credentials of Richard Doty continues.

PS - Ms. Trainor phoned to make sure I received this Faxed letter. During the course of that conversation, she said she had an email from a Robert Collins asking this same question when she arrived in her office this AM. I explained to her that Robert Collins and Richard Doty wrote a book together and it appears that Mr. Doty had deceived Mr. Collins as well with respect to his law education and credentials.

It seems the letter from Pat Trainor did the trick and finally put an end to the absolute NONSENSE that had been spouted by the conjurers in the course of this exchange. That's what you would think, right? Think again! In the email below Collins attempts to pass off the countless lies and deception by stating it was all a misunderstanding! Anyone who has read these two pages should be left in no doubt whatsoever to what has taken place here. Your game is up...

Wed 21/06/2006 18:28

That's correct: But he did attend UNM as they will tell you but not the Law School, graduated in 2004 with a degree in Political Science according to the Alumni Association, 2003 was an error. There was a lot of confusion about that or misunderstandings which I just got straightened out. He attended an ONLINE Law School since he lived in Grants NM 82 miles from Albuquerque. As for which ONLINE Law School he won't disclose that, he says that his personal business. As for anything fake that's untrue. He works for the State Police which requires degrees if you want to get ahead: If there is anyone doubting that he works for the State Police then I suggest you call the Dispatcher in Grants NM. You'll find he works the night shift. ......Sorry about all the misunderstandings and confusion.....Robert C

Shawnna provides more thoroughly researched information relevant to Collins post above.

Wed 21/06/2006 19:16

Appreciate the apology, Mr. Collins.

From the New Mexico Bar Examiners website, it appears that to qualify to take the bar exam in New Mexico, one must be a graduate of an American Bar Association accredited law school if not practicing law currently in another state.


Per the American Bar Association's website, there are NO law schools currently accredited for distance learning.

All quotes below are from the relevant websites.



Can there be anymore doubt? ZT

Update - More false claims exposed!

Discuss this story in the forums.


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