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Reality Uncovered Project Serpo Investigation - Part 2

This is a continuation of the release of information that has been gathered during the long investigation into the Project Serpo story by Reality Uncovered. Part 1 of the investigation can be found here.
Today's information concentrates on what the people behind the scenes knew about the source of the Serpo material and paints a damaging picture of the lengths they are prepared to go, to stop the information reaching the public domain.

This email shows that Victor, along with S**** had carried out their own IP address check and discovered the IP's of Anonymous, Paul McGovern, Terrence West and a LANL source all had the same IP address as Rick Doty. The table below shows how many emails were received for a specific date range and by whom with that particular IP address.

[From Victor]

BEFORE you proceed, here's the IP check S**** and I did AFTER you
disappeared; you were at least four (4) people!


Talk about multiple personality disorder!
To: victorgm@webtv.net
Subject: IP address check / Bomb Shell

4 Nov to 29 Nov       22 Rick Doty 7 Paul McGovern ANON 1st e-mail

1 Dec to 13 Dec    96 Rick 11 Paul McGovern 2 Terrence West

13 Dec to 15 Dec    9 Rick Doty

17 Dec to 2 Feb    160 Rick Doty 1 LANL

HOW is this possible?! Had a rival USG agency already "hijacked" your
computer and then decided to strike right AFTER POSTING #11? You may
have had your doubts about me, but believe me, I had my doubts about

BOTTOM LINE: This is the PRIMARY reason I had to determine that you
were a REAL PERSON and NOT Rick playing both you, him and two (2) other
people! This should give you plenty to think about over a couple of
burgers! –

[From Sylvester]

Thanks for the links to Above Top Secret. I have read
this information and am ready for you and I to
determine how to proceed. We shall do so this evening.

Before we begin, you must know this: there we no
cloned IP addresses. Each of the messages you forward
to me (Rick Doty, Paul McGovern, AND the first
anonymous email of November 1, 2005) ALL originated
(or around) Albequerque, NM.

I am not Rick Doty. From this point forward, you will
know me only as Casper. Any further email messages you
receive from Sylvester are not from me.

Remember my name. Remember the tidal basin.

I will contact you soon.

[From Victor]
--- victorgm@webtv.net <victorgm@webtv.net> wrote:
> 1) ONLY S**** has seen the IP header for the Nov. 1
post so that's cool.
> 2) Actually, I NEVER said they all resolved to VA;
you only thought that
> because you were asking me for a list of stations
for the Arlington, VA
> area where you could hear George Noory's show on
Project SERPO,
> remember? I sent you the link for the list of
staitons, remember?
> If I remember correctly, ALL "cloned" 4-5 IP
addresses resolved to a
> place in Colorado via QWEST Communications.
> 3) Other than Rick's e-mails, I have NO other
e-mails on SERPO; ALL of
> your e-mails for POSTINGS #2 - #11 are TRASHED via
WebTV per YOUR
> request.
> 4) VERY SAD that Rick would dupe me for POSTING #14
on the testimonial
> letters. But do you KNOW he acted alone OR at the
behest of someone
> else?
> 5) I'm meeting with a former student of mine to
discuss her MA thesis in
> educational psych at Chile's today, so I won't be
back until late
> afternoon from Cal State Univ., Northridge

[Link to PDF with headers]

In this email, VM is chastising the wiz over his delay in drafting a public announcement after Michael Salla posts his article re: Serpo. From the sound of it, VM is none too happy.

[From Victor]


I don't know what the FUCK you're waiting for,... this is REALLY bad!
READ the LAST sentence of paragraph #2! Rick is taking over YOUR
project and you're just sitting idly by,... UNbelievable! Oh, well,
it's YOUR show, so continue to fiddle while Rome burns! –

[Link to PDF with headers]


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Last Updated: 08/06/2006


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