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Reality Uncovered Project Serpo Investigation - Part 2

This is a continuation of the release of information that has been gathered during the long investigation into the Project Serpo story by Reality Uncovered. Part 1 of the investigation can be found here.
Today's information concentrates on what the people behind the scenes knew about the source of the Serpo material and paints a damaging picture of the lengths they are prepared to go, to stop the information reaching the public domain.

In this email exchange, Victor expresses concern about exposing Doty and destroying his reputation in the UFO community forever and the wiz (aka Casper now) lays it all out for Victor.

[From Victor]

1) Do I have permission to stream the attached piece you wrote in its
entirety by cut, copy and pasting thereby masking your identity?

2) Are you saying that there is NO IMPOSTER nor ever was? In other
words, it was Rick Doty and Rick ALONE acting this charade out?

3) Are you saying that POSTINGS #2 - #11 were all Rick's doing, too, OR
POSTINGS #1 and then POSTINGS #12 - #15 were all of Rick's creations?

In other words, were POSTINGS #2 - #11 legitimate, yes or no?

Was ANYthing authentic that Bill and I put out?!

4) LASTLY: Was there EVER in fact a "Project SERPO" that was all about
a human-ET exchange program, yes or no?

5) This is REALLY SAD!

P O Box ***
Monrovia, CA *****-****
AC-626 358-**** - landline
AC-626 824-**** - cellphone

[From Sylvester]

I do wish we could discuss this face to face over a
burger, but well save that for another day. What I
have to tell you may shock you, but its time that you
were informed.

1 - The first post you received from anonymous traces
back to the albequerque area. The location where the
mail message originates suggests that the sender was
Rick Doty.

2 - It is almost certain that you were selected for
you part in this operation because of your limited
computing capabilities. Luckily, they underestimated
you. I am pleased that you saved the most relevant

3 - The messages purported to be from Paul McGovern
originated from the same send as the anonymous

4 - The threat email originated from the same sender
as the anonymous emails.

5 - Rick Dotys emails ALL originate from the same
sender as the anonymous emails.

6 - It wa Rick Doty who suggested to you that HE
learned that anonymous was Dr. G******. I am NOT Dr.
G*****, nor his there any credible reason to believe
that Dr. G***** is, as has ever been, involved.

7 - ALL of the testimonials you posted in you Feb. 14
message came to you from Rick Doty and were missing
any authenticating information to indicate that they
were anything more than the fictitious creations of
Mr. Doty.

8 - Rick Doty contacted Bill Ryan and switched the
outlet to Bill with Bill advance knowledge and

9 - Rick Doty contacted K***, draggin an
innocent person into this and further aggravating an
already tense situation between Bill and K***.

10 - ALL of the information on Serpo has come from
Rick Doty, has been discussed publicly by Rick Doty,
and all of the secondary information corroborating
Serpo has been provided by Rick Doty.

11 - There was never another anonymous, my friend.
This whole event has been the creation of Rick Doty,
working with a dusty science fiction story that he
probably wrote himself many years ago.

Thats it. There is no buzz at the DIA (who said there
was? Yes, it was Rick Doty). There is no official
disclosure coming through Rick at this time.

This travesty must end. The American people will NOT
learn of disclosure in THIS way. The initial release
may be through discrete, reputable sources such as
yourself, but there will NOT be a Press Agent, a
campaign of plausible deniability, nor will there be a
messenger that contradicts his own information (as
Rick Doty has done, when you compare the information
he passed to his public statements).

Finally, you must be wondering who I am. Just remember
my walks, my friend. I plan to take my first of the
year in about 5 weeks. If all goes well, we will have
more to talk about then.

In the meantime, I am counting on you to draw the
curtain closed on this skit. And we will be watching
(Email continues in pdf)

[Link to PDF with headers]


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Last Updated: 08/06/2006


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