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Reality Uncovered Interviews Dr. Alfred Webre
Director of ICIS - Institute for Cooperation in Space

The following are some excerpts of the recent reviews received from forum members of AboveTopSecret.com who have already previewed the interview.


Member S1LV3R4D0: "This is a very informative interview and i suggest everyone take a look at it, if only to inform yourself about people doing something NICE about Off-Planet cultures. Not trying to destroy anything that comes into our atmosphere but working towards a peaceful integration of possible otherworld creatures and cultures. And also those that would see a destructive answer to those same issues. I will be purchasing the DVD to help in the proliferation and funding of these types of organizations."


Member Truth4hire: "I´m throught the first 30 minutes and still litening... this is absolutely DYNAMITE."


ATS co-Owner Springer: "Dr. Webre has a very good grasp on this subject and articulates the grim realities of its influence on not only The United States but the nations we influence and the nations we have gone to war with.

Do yourself a great favor and watch this video no matter what your personal perspective is, this is SOLID information from a very learned man indeed and information, whether you agree with it or not IS POWER."


Member subz: "I watched the interview before I went to bed and I loved it. Well done to you guys.

What dropped my jaw was when Dr. Webre talked about the death bed confessional of Dr. Von Braun(sp?) I think his name was? When I heard that he predicted that the United States permenant war economy (military industrial complex) would create a "terrorist" enemy to replace the "communist" enemy after the fall of the Soviet Union I was amazed.




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Last Updated: 06/08/2006


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